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Today’s Service:

  • Message: Being a Light
  • Lead Minister: Rev. Emily Riley Campbell, Senior Minister
  • Assisting: Ashley Smith Ashley, Associate Pastor, and Darlene Maginley, Director for Children’s Ministry
  • Music provided by the FPCP Congregation and Choir, and the Fifth Season Ladies Ensemble (pre-recorded)
  • Scripture: Matthew 5:14-16 (NRSV), Ephesians 5:8-10 (NIV) and 2 Corinthians 4:5-7 (NRSV)
  • Sermon Study Questions
  • Parking Lot Service Bulletin

Family Ministry (For children ages K-5):


Today’s flowers were given in memory of my mother, Myra Miller Hoetker, whose birthday is January 24, by Jan Strube.

Service Summary:

Today, we’ve reached the final Sunday in our January sermon series on the subject of light  We close with ‘Being a Light.’ Over the course of this series, we looked at how light factors into a wide variety of circumstances within the Bible, from the first instance of light from the creation in the Book of Genesis through today’s discussion on how we can be a light and show the light of God to others.  In fact, it is interesting to compare Jesus’ first statement: “I am the light…” to his later statement: “You are the light.”  Why do we see this change, and how is it significant to us as Christians?

Final Reminder: If you were not at the Parking Lot service on Epiphany Sunday (Jan. 3rd) but still wish to have a star, they are still available to pick up at the church through the month of January.  Look for them in the outside mailbox between the parking lot doors.  For those who can’t visit the church or are from out of town, please let us know how many you would like via the ONLINE FRIENDSHIP PAD (don’t forget to provide your name and address) and we will mail the star(s) to you.

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