Endowment Funds

Endowment Funds

An endowment is a donation of money or property to a charitable organization like First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth (FPCP) which uses the resulting investment income for a specific purpose.

FPCP is blessed to oversee three endowment funds, the first of which was established in 1981.  These endowments provide FPCP with significant long-term financial support.  Our endowments have grown steadily over the years through generous giving and responsible investing.  Carefully monitored by the Finance Committee, the endowments are invested using conservative strategies.  Distributions support the operations of FPCP according to the guidelines specified by each endowment.

Endowment Funds for FPCP

General Endowment

In response to the spiritual needs of the church and community, the Session will periodically make distributions from the designated/undesignated portion of the General Endowment for expenses within the following areas:

  • Worship, Ministry & Pastoral Care – Helping people grow spiritually. As an example, the Endowment funds were used to launch the new Upper Room service, enabling the church to attract and retain those seeking contemporary worship.
  • Benevolence & Advocacy – Assisting those in need. The General Endowment provides direct and indirect support to members of our own congregation, people in our community, nation, and world. Funds have been supplied to the church’s Benevolence Fund in difficult economic times and to Presbytery-supported mission organizations.
  • Education & Fellowship – Bringing people together to learn and celebrate God.
  • Property & Equipment – Ensuring the church is an inviting and well-maintained place of worship. Funds are used to keep the building modern and up-to-date.  The General Endowment has supplied funds for HVAC (replacement of 63-year-old boilers for heating and AC for cooling), room remodeling, carpeting and lighting in the sanctuary, and the purchase of audio/visual, technical, and security equipment.

Scholarship Endowment

The Session makes distributions from these funds to grant scholarships to church members pursuing higher education at universities, colleges, and trade schools and also on occasion to those answering God’s call to attend seminary.

Dr. Jerry Smith Excellence in Music Endowment

This endowment fund was established in honor and in lasting memory of Dr. Jerry J. Smith, who served our church faithfully as our beloved Director of Music for 21 years. This fund will ensure that the music program, which Jerry expanded tremendously in this church, will continue to reflect the excellence he brought to everything he did. Funds will support future concerts, soloists, instrumentalists, and more, all of which will benefit the entire church and reflect Jerry’s ongoing impact at our church.

Giving to Endowments

Donors may make contributions to these existing endowments or consider establishing a new endowment. Please contact the Church Business Manager or 734-453-6464 ext. 116 for wire or delivery instructions or make a contribution now online by going to Give Now – Endowments.

If you are interested in bequesting an endowment gift through your will, please refer to some general guidelines in “Estate Planning” section of this website under “Give” and consult with your trusted advisor (attorney, CPA, financial planner).

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