Hey, FPCP kids!

As we wait to return to a more normal life where we can once again go to church, go to school, play with our friends, play sports, and all of the other things that we love to do every day, Sunday School should be one thing that we can count on to help us get through the hard times.  Even though we can’t get together with our friends like we used to, this doesn’t mean that we can’t get together with God.  He’s there, all the time, waiting for us to talk to Him and learn more about him.

So, until we can come back to Sunday School in the church building, here is a way you can attend Sunday School at home.  Each Sunday, you will find video lessons (your parents will need to help you with the password) narrated by Buck Denver and his friends, coloring or other activity pages, and a ‘What did we learn today’ lesson review sheet that you can do with your mom or dad, or another older family member to help you remember what was in today’s lesson.  We hope you enjoy this weekly Sunday School time!

Sunday School Online Curriculum:

(*Each video is password-protected.  A new password will be emailed to each family every 4 weeks.
If you did not get the password, please email Mrs. Maginley.)

Lesson Date

Video Messages*

Activity Pages

Lesson Review
(pdf review sheet)

Volume 3 – Week 3 & 4:
Sunday, Nov. 22
(Wanderin’ in the Desert – Leviticus, Numbers & Deuteronomy)
(Use Volume 3 Password)

—Week 3 Videos—

Buck Denver News



BibleWhat’sIt-Week 3

—Week 4 Videos—

Buck Denver News

Tricky Bits with Phil


BibleWhat’sIt-Week 4

Continuing with ‘Learning the
Books of the Bible

(see the Bible Book Cards Activity Pages from Week 2)

Do It Right Puzzle

What did we learn today? – Weeks 3 & 4

Volume 3 – Week 2:
Sunday, Nov. 15
(Wanderin’ in the Desert – Leviticus, Numbers & Deuteronomy)
(Use Volume 3 Password)

Buck Denver Time Zone News

Review Leviticus

Wacky Rules


 ‘Learning the
Books of the Bible’Bible Book Cards
(part 1)
(part 2)

(We will be using these cards over the next two weeks.)


What did we learn today?

Volume 3 – Week 1:
Sunday, Nov. 8
(Wanderin’ in the Desert – Leviticus, Numbers & Deuteronomy: The Tabernacle)
(Use Volume 3 Password)

Buck Denver News


Book of Leviticus


Tabernacle Bible Verse

Tabernacle Coloring Page

Tabernacle Story

What did we learn today?

Volume 2 – Week 4:
Sunday, Nov. 1 (Exodus: Old Promise, New Promise) 
(Use Volume 2 Password)

TV News




10 Commandments:

Bible Verse

Coloring Page


Tabernacle Puzzle 

What did we learn today?

Volume 2 – Week 3:
Sunday, Oct. 25 (
Exodus:  Moses)
(Use Volume 2 Password)

Haircut News


Exodus, Moses


How Christians Are Like Pumpkins

Pumpkin Coloring 1

Pumpkin Coloring 2

Eat and Run Puzzle

Plague Word Search

What did we learn today?

Volume 2 – Week 2:
Sunday, Oct. 18 (
Exodus: Canaan, and Abraham’s Descendants)
(Use Volume 2 Password)

Time Zone News

Look What God Can Do

Who Picked


Be Like Joseph Puzzle

Forgiveness Word Search

Jacob’s Sons Crossword

New Baby Puzzle 

 What did we learn today?

Volume 2 – Week 1:
Sunday, Oct. 11 (
Exodus: Abraham and Isaac)
(Use Volume 2 Password)

News Backwards

Redemption, Salvation

Patriarchal History


Abraham Coloring Page

Abraham Bible Verse

Isaac Coloring Page

Isaac Bible Verse

A Faithful Father Puzzle

What did we learn today?

Volume 1 – Week 4:
Sunday, Oct. 4 (
Genesis: Primeval History – Adam and Eve)
(Use Volume 1 Password)

Travel News

Genesis Review



Adam & Eve Coloring Page

Adam & Eve Bible Verse

Adam & Eve Word Search

About the Bible Anagram

What did we learn today?

Volume 1 – Week 3:
Sunday, Sept. 27 (Genesis: God Creates the World)

(Use Volume 1 Password)

Sports News

Bentley Brothers

Primeval History


God’s Book – Bible

God Creates
the World Story

God Creates
the World
Coloring Page

What did we learn today? 

Volume 1 – Week 2:
Sunday, Sept. 20 (Bible Basics: Who Wrote the Bible?)
(Use Volume 1 Password)

Weather News

WITB Review

Who Wrote


K-3 Sheet

Club 45 Sheet

Activity Sheets
for Everyone

What did we learn today?

Volume 1 – Week 1:
Sunday, Sept. 13 (Bible Basics: What’s in the Bible?)
(Use Volume 1 Password)

Buck Denver News Headline

What Do You Know?

What’s In the Bible?


Coloring Page What did we learn today?