Jonah: A Tale of a Changed Heart - Upper Room | First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth

On this last of the three Sundays on the Tales of Jonah, we look at how, in this story, we see the opportunity for a changed heart through the four characters in the story of Jonah.  The Ninevites listened to the words of God as shared by Jonah and were saved from destruction… but then later regressed back to their sinful ways.  Their change was only temporary and insincere.  God’s heart was changed to mercy and he did not destroy the people of Ninevah, but later changed back to wrath when they, over time, returned to their sinful ways.  Jonah’s heart did not change because he was angry at the Ninevites and at God for sending him to them.  We hope that, over time, Jonah became more patient with the sins of other (and himself) and became more loving toward these people.  And finally, we – the observers of this story and the followers of Christ – have the opportunity to change our hearts based on the lesson of Jonah.  Are WE willing to receive Christ’s mercy and share that mercy with EVERYONE?

Based on Jonah 3:1-10 & Nahum 1:1-10

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