Hope in the Dark - Sanctuary | First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth

As we conclude our sermon series on Hope with “Hope in the Dark,” we look at the fact that hope is a gift from God, and that gift is based on prayer.  Sometimes we go through life asking for answers to prayers, but we don’t, in fact, really expect anything in response.  We just ask because that’s what we’re ‘supposed to do’ as Christians.  We actually wonder how much God could really care about our problems and our lives.  Yet God says over and over that we should ALWAYS cast our cares on Him.  We should approach him with ALL of our concerns and worries.  God WANTS us to share our lives and our problems with him, because we are His children.  And as earthly parents are interested and involved in every aspect of our children’s lives, so, too, does God want us to involve Him in our lives.

Based on James 5:13-20 and Romans 8:31-39.

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