A Portrait of God: The God Who Travels (Video Service) | First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth

As we engage in online worship today for the second Sunday, we continue our Lenten sermon series, ‘A Portrait of God’ with ‘The God Who Travels.  We’re looking at two examples of when Jesus travelled great distances to achieve important milestones in his ministry – raising Lazarus from the dead, and his final return to Jerusalem.

Jesus stood with his friends through some of the greatest challenges of their lives, and he still stands with us today, even through the health crisis we are facing now.  Jesus comes to us where we are in our time of need, but he is also grieving for us and with us.  Jesus wept in grief for his friend’s death, even knowing that he would raise Lazarus from the dead, and at the knowledge that he, too, like Lazarus, must soon die for the world’s sin, even knowing that he would be raised from the dead by his own Father.  Jesus brought resurrection hope for Lazarus, Mary and Martha, and he brings resurrection hope for us, even today.

Based on John 11:25-29;32-44 & Luke 19:28-42.

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