A Portrait of God: The God Who Prays (Video Service) | First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth

Today’s Service:

  • Minister: Rev. Mark Hovermale, Interim Director of Students
  • Assisting: Rev. Emily Riley Campbell, Sr. Minister
  • Music: Carole Moon, accompanied by Sharon Smith

The 5th Sunday in Lent: we are continuing our Lenten sermon series, ‘A Portrait of God: The God Who Prays.’

Prayer is such a basic part of a spiritual life that we automatically assume OF COURSE Jesus prayed. Some well-know examples of Jesus praying were when he attended and healed various people, when he taught prayer to his disciples and to the crowds, and during the last hours of his life.

But did he ONLY pray in times of crisis or of great need? No, Jesus practiced prayer daily. He took the time, wherever he was, to spend time in prayer with God. He prayed often and for many reasons.  He set the example for us that prayer is communication WITH God, and it is a declaration of our dependence ON God. Prayer also aligns our hearts with God’s purposes.  Prayer makes a difference in us and in our lives. So… have YOU prayed today?

Based on Luke 22:39-46.


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