A Portrait of God: The God Who Stays (Video Service) | First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth

Today’s Service:

  • Minister: Rev. Emily Riley Campbell, Sr. Minister
  • Assisting: Rev. Mark Hovermale, Interim Director of Students
  • Music: Sue Scott, Organist; Carole Moon, accompanied by Sharon Smith

Palm Sunday: we are continuing our Lenten sermon series, ‘A Portrait of God: The God Who Stays.’

At the end of Jesus’ life, many people questioned his authority and mocked his message. They asked him outright, ‘If you’re who you say you are, why don’t you save yourself? And we, too, tend to wonder about this same thing.  After all, we’re coming from a society that enjoys superhero movies — during the dramatic ending, the hero always saves the world and him/herself, despite seemingly insurmountable odds.  So, why didn’t Jesus, the man who performed so many miracles, get himself off the cross?

But looking closer at the BIG picture, we have to understand that, while he certainly could have saved himself the suffering of a horrible death in a wide variety of dramatic ways, he didn’t.  Jesus allowed himself to be crucified, and God allowed it to happen. The question is… Why did he CHOOSE to stay on the cross?

Based on Matthew 27:27-44.

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