Waiting to See - Sanctuary | First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth

What do YOU plan to do with your life?  You probably don’t plan to spend it waiting indefinitely.  But that’s what Simeon and Anna did with most of their adult lives.  Anna and Simeon were two people whom Mary and Joseph met in the temple when Jesus was just a tiny baby.  Simeon had actually been told by the Holy Spirit that he wouldn’t see death before he had met the Messiah.  And then, one day, out of the blue, he held a tiny baby and the prophesy was revealed to him.  And he blessed and prophesied further to the family.  As he was walking away, realizing his earthy time was at an end, another person approached the family.  It was Anna, a widow who had lived many years in the temple, praying and fasting.  She, too, recognized the Messiah and started praising God and sharing with all who would listen that this was the child they had been waiting for.  Both people were strong examples of how NOT to loose faith and to stay rooted in this faith no matter the timing or the circumstances.  Prayer helps us get through this time of waiting.

Based on Luke 2:22-40.

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