Talking Points: Forgiveness (Online Service) | First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth

Today’s Service:

  • Message: Talking Points – Forgiveness
  • Lead Minister: Rev. Emily Riley Campbell, Senior Minister
  • Liturgist: Doug Kee
  • Today’s Music was provided by the Chancel Choir and Congregation from 2019 Reformation Sunday Service and special music by Kylee Phillips-Fisher.
  • Scripture: Colossians 3:12-17 (NIV), and Matthew 18:21-22 (NIV)
  • Sermon Study Questions

Family Ministry (For children ages K-5):

Today’s flowers were given:

  • in celebration of the life of Kelley-Anne Peck by Dale and Becky DeLoy, and
  • in loving memory of our parents, Duane & Erva Blaker and Henry & Marion Sullivan, by Mick and Nancy Sullivan

Service Summary: As we continue with our fall sermon series entitled “Talking Points,” this week we look at the topic of Forgiveness. When thinking about forgiveness, we need to always remember that our words both matter and are very important.  On a daily basis, do we think about the fact that our words should demonstrate the forgiveness of both us and of God?

The Apostle Peter struggled with this concept in today’s passage from Matthew.  He wondered just how many times we should consider forgiving people who have hurt us.  The number of times that Jesus told him was too high to even consider.  And yet, we should still be in a position to offer forgiveness.  This doesn’t mean we should be a doormat to anyone who treats us badly; we should, however, be willing to process the hurt, forgive the person, and be willing to move on.


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