Signs & Wonders: Acts 9 (Video Service) | First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth

Today’s Service:

  • Lead Minister: Rev. Emily Riley Campbell, Senior Minister
  • Layperson Support: Sarah & Hannah Campbell, members of FPCP
  • Music provided by FPCP’s 2019 Chancel Choir
  • Scripture: Acts 9:122 (NIV)

Today, as we conclude our series on the Book of Acts, we take a look at the 9th chapter and Saul’s persecution of the early Christians.  As a result of Saul’s experience on the way to Damascus, his subsequent blindness – a time of prayer and introspection – and his conversion to discipleship, we stand witness to the growth and extension of the early Church into the surrounding counties and the establishment of the foundations of the church as it still is today.

We hope that this 7-week journey through the book of Acts has helped you better understand the origins of the early Church, and how the trials, challenges and lessons that affected those first Christians are still relevant to us today.

Next week, we are beginning a new series entitled ‘Summer in the Psalms,’ beginning with Psalm 23. We look forward to sharing the messages of hope that can be found here to uplift and inspire us through these dark times.

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