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Today’s message, “Serving Out of Strength,” comes from the Parable of the Talents, as told in Matthew 25:14-30.  The story is about 3 servants who were given different amounts of money by their master.  Two of them used the money to double the investment, which pleased their master, while one of them, afraid of the possibilities of loosing the money, allowed the money to sit, unused.  This displeased the master greatly, and the servant was reprimanded for his behavior.  While the parable was initially intended to reprimand and correct the Jewish people’s history of hoarding God’s message and gifts given to them, it also has great relevance to Christians today.  For us, it is a call to use our gifts for God’s greater purpose, and to bring those gifts we have been given BY God TO God.  If we hide our gifts away rather than using them to respond to God with praise and gratitude, if we hoard the gifts for ourselves and do not use them for God’s purposes, we become like the unworthy servant.

Based on Matthew 25:14-30.

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