Reflections on Grace: Vanishing Grace -- Upper Room | First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth

What happens when God seems to simply vanish from our lives? Sometimes, especially in times of trouble or darkness, we can feel like God has disappeared.  This can either drive us TO prayer, or it can drive us FROM prayer.  In the face of this overwhelming darkness, how do we cope? There are two ways most people cope. We can choose to distract ourselves with ‘feel good’ things to distract ourselves from the darkness.  This includes finding ways, both positive and negative, to avoid thinking about it.  Or we can simply deal with it by walking through it.  The 23rd Psalm encourages us to move through the Valley of the Darkness.  By talking openly and honestly with God, we can face the darkness and get through it.  Darkness is a season, and we know that there is a time for EVERY season.  When that season ends, we will move beyond it.  God engages us in our dark places and  helps us move beyond it.

Based on Psalm 10:1-18 & Psalm 9:1-2.

One way we can distract ourselves from the darkness: watching cute puppy and kitten videos!

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