Christmas Stories: Our Story - Upper Room | First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth

On the third Sunday in Advent, Mark Hovermale discussed Our Story.  The question is, how do our stories fit into the bigger Christmas picture?  Our stories are where the stories of faith and hope meet.  Our stories are the stories of the messy lives that we live.  We aren’t the only messes – the Bible is FULL of messy lives.  People like David, named by God as a man after His own heart, yet who detoured down a path of lust, adultery, murder, and lies.  People like Peter, who betrayed Jesus three times, even to the point of denying that he knew the Lord.  Or people like Paul, who, in his previous life, persecuted and murdered many Christians.  Despite their failings, these three men changed their lives, becoming faithful leaders who ultimately led thousand and thousands of people to the Lord.  If their stories didn’t end with their failings, we can take hope from this, recognizing that we, too, can change our stories for the better.  We aren’t defined by who we were or who we are, but who we can become.  And to make that change, we must ask ourselves – how God can use us?

Based on Mark 2:13-17.

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