Jonah: A Whale of a Tale - Sanctuary | First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth

Today we began a three-sermon series on Jonah.  Today’s focus is not on the famous whale, however, but on God’s grace, and on Jonah’s reluctance to share God’s grace with others.  Jonah spends much of his time at the beginning of this famous story running away from God’s task for him.  God actually spent quite a bit of time, as a result, offering Jonah several chances to change his heart.  God sent a big storm, then he showed Jonah grace through the kindness of the sailors, and he even sent a big fish to scoop Jonah up and give him an odd sort of ‘time out’ in which to think about the task he’d been given.  God’s grace can be met through many of the turmoils in our lives.  Jonah had to finally decide to change his life if he was to survive those turmoils.  Are we also being called by God, even in the midst of a storm, to offer us grace?

Based on Jonah 1:1-17.

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