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Today’s Service:

  • Message: It’s a Blessing to Bless Others
  • Paster: Ruth Azar, Director of the Second Mile Center of Detroit
  • Assisting: Rev. Mark Hovermale (Pastor for Youth & Early Adults) and the 2021 Mission Trip team
  • Music by the Fifth Season Ladies Ensemble, accompanied by Sharon Smith
  • Scripture: Psalm 41:1-4 (NIV) and Ephesians 2:4-10 (NIV)
  • Sermon Study Questions
  • Parking Lot Service Bulletin

Family Ministry (For children ages K-5):

  • Children’s Message Shortcut: There is no Children’s Message in today’s service.


Today’s flowers are given:

  • In honor of and in memory of loved ones by Beverly MacGaw
  • In celebration of our 57th wedding anniversary and in memory of our parents by George and Ellie Nosky.

Service Summary:

As our youth mission trip members return from a week at the Second Mile Center of Detroit, we take time today to look at how ‘It’s a Blessing to Bless Others.’ Center Director Ruth Azar talks to us about what a blessing the Center has been to the surrounding community, and how, in turn, groups like FPCP and many others from around the nation have come together and been a blessing to the Center. We all have gifts, and  if we look for the direction of God’s push, our hearts will lead us to use them to bless others. What does God want you to do with what you have? How does God want you to share your life?

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