First Fruits: Love | Outer Room

Sermon Title: First Fruits: Love

Presented By: Rev. Ashley Ashley

Today’s Scripture: Galatians 5: 22-23, John 14: 15-20 & 25-26

Today’s Worship Leaders: Chris Dupont and Kylee Phillips

Today’s Hymns & Music:

“Come Holy Ghost”

“Holy Spirit”

“New Wine”

“King of Kings”

“Remembrance (The Communion Song)”

“How He Loves”

“Open Up”

“Reckless Love”

CCLI #1980415

This service marks the first of several services being held in our “Outer Room,” with worship taking place in our church’s parking lot instead of inside our Upper Room worship space. We are excited to share this different space of worship with you. Our regular Upper Room services will resume beginning the week of July 16th.

Today we commission the team that will be traveling to Colina de Luz Christian
Home for Children in La Gloria, Mexico on June 16-22, 2023. Please keep this group in your prayers as they make their final preparations for their trip and pray that their time in Mexico brings much glory to God.

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