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Today’s Service:

  • Message: Ephesians 2
  • Lead Minister: Ashley Smith Ashley, Associate Pastor
  • Assisting: Rev. Emily Riley Campbell, Senior Minister, and Darlene Maginley, Director of Children’s Ministry
  • Music provided by FPCP’s Chancel Choir and Congregation
  • Scripture: Ephesians 2:13-22 (NIV)
  • Sermon Study Questions
  • Parking Lot Service Bulletin

Family Ministry (For children ages K-5):

  • Children’s Message Shortcut: The Children’s Message in today’s service video starts at 7:27.


Today’s flowers were given in loving memory of Ken Holmes from his devoted Holmes family, and in loving memory of my dad, Lewis Hartshorn Sr., from Klotylda Phillipi.

Service Summary:

We continue our new spring series on the Book of Ephesians with a look at at its second chapter. When we consider the temple in Jerusalem, each of the individual courts – the Courts of the Gentiles, the Israelite women, the Israelite men, the priests and the Holy of Holies – are all separated by barriers, both physical and functional. But, through Jesus, God is preparing a new temple, and He is changing the dynamics. Today, Pastor Ashley will be talking about how this is happening, and what result God is preparing for.


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