Easter Sunday -- A Portrait of God: The God Who Lives (Video Service) | First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth

Today’s Service:

  • Minister: Rev. Emily Riley Campbell, Sr. Minister
  • Liturgist: Rev. Mark Hovermale, Interim Director of Students
  • Music: Sue Scott, Organist; Reprises of anthems by the 2018 and 2019 Chancel Choirs

Easter Sunday: we are continuing our Lenten sermon series with ‘A Portrait of God: The God Who Lives.’

We have heard the phrase ‘We are living in unprecedented times’ so often by now that it is become a cliche.  But it’s true, for all that.  For the first time in a very long time, many things we count on as standards of normal life are being cancelled: school, work, sports, shopping, and Easter Sunday in-person services, to name a small sample.  But we need to hold on to the fact that hope is NOT cancelled.  That’s what Easter morning is all about.  Today, we are living in a time when hope is being spoken of, but is not yet realized.  At some point, we pray it is sooner than later, we hope that there will be an end to all things relating to our current health crisis.  That’s why, specifically on THIS Easter morning, it isn’t just to this hope that we cling, it’s also to the hope of the Resurrection and the promise that Christ still lives, even for us today.

Listen as Rev. Campbell shares a message of hope for God’s people in today’s world.

Based on Mark 16:1-8.

To join the 2019 FPCP Chancel Choir and Congregation in singing the Easter hymn, ‘Christ the Lord is Risen Today,’ print  the song lyric sheet, or view it on another device.

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