Hussein Latif

Hussein Latif

Partnership Coordinator for FPCP & Mtenthera CCAP
Malawi, Africa

Duration: 2011-present


Hussein Latif serves as the communications liaison for the church partnership between the First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth (FPCP) and Mtenthera CCAP in Malawi, Africa. Hussein is located in Malawi, Africa near our partner church and is fluent in English and Chichewa (the native language of Malawi). Hussein facilitates communication between the churches (providing cultural guidance), coordinates visits, vets proposals and requests for funding assistance, and oversees the execution of partnership projects. The roles are versatile and evolve as need arises.  For example, Hussein has acted as project supervisor for the construction of a girls hostel in the past.

Hussein has been married to Esther since 2003 and together they have three sons, Mark, Arthur, and Nathan. Hussein’s professional and education background is in Architecture, Theology, Leadership, and Education.

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