Parents we are offering a new option for Sunday School learning and creativity. While we will continue to offer in-person Sunday School at 9:30 AM, we will be offering Sunday School bags at the 11:15 AM service for At Home Viewers.

At the Upper Room service Sunday School bags will be offered in addition to the current Worship Bags, already offered. The Sunday School bags will have the current week’s Sunday School craft and “What’s the Word” parent’s question and answer sheet included. Children will be welcomed to sit on the floor during the 11:15 service and work on their craft or take it home, if you would like.

For our At Home Viewers, we are offering the opportunity to have your children participate in Sunday School from home by picking up an activity bag from the church at your leisure. Minimum contact will be provided should you wish. All you have to do is contact Beth Hurley by either email or text message 734.516.3606 and she will prepare appropriate bags for your children and leave them to be picked up at the front desk. Please provide your name, child’s name, child’s age, and date(s) of the week(s) you would like. Any other pertinent information is welcome. We are happy to provide past weeks’ materials if possible.