Dear Friends,

The story of our church this past year is a story of flexibility, resiliency, and faith.

We have found creative solutions to COVID-19 restrictions in the form of outdoor parking lot services and live streaming opportunities. In the past year, the majority of our mission collections were held outdoors while many of our Bible Studies and committee meetings were held online.

When our church building was closed, we took on the messy building projects—replacing the roof, the HVAC system, the sprinkler system, the security system,
and the camera system. We’ve renovated our Sanctuary, Chapel, Upper Room, Nursery, and Tower Room.

We have tried to be good stewards of the time and resources given to us, but now is the time for us to write the next chapter in our church’s story.

Moving forward, as a church, we are committed to remaining Christ-centered and mission-minded under every circumstance. Further, our vision is to cultivate community both in and out of the church. We work to provide opportunities for every person of every age to grow in faith, while also providing opportunities to use our talents and strengths to the glory of God in service.

It’s an exciting time to be part of the First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth.

In order for our church to live into our vision for the future, we will need your prayers, as well as resources of time, talent, and treasure. God invites us to know the joy of giving, which is why I invite you to take time to prayerfully consider what God is calling you to give in the year ahead. Please know every gift of any amount is a blessing. By letting us know your plan for giving (which always can be adjusted at any time if needed), we are better able to plan ministry opportunities for the future.

Thank you for sharing your gifts with our family of faith,


Submitting 2024 Estimate of Giving Forms

  1. Each household should have received a brochure and Financial Commitment form at their home.  Complete the top half of the 2024 Financial Commitment Form and return it to the church by mail: 701 Church Street, Attn: Stu Dodge, Plymouth, MI 48170. If you would like to set up an automatic payment plan to fulfill your 2024 pledge, also complete the lower half of the form.
  2. Bring your completed 2024 Financial Commitment Form to the church on Sunday, Nov. 13th (Consecration Sunday)
  3. You may complete your 2024 Financial Commitment online. To do so, go here: Online Estimate of Giving Form.
  4. Didn’t receive a letter or have misplaced it? Print off the form here: 2024 Financial Commitment Form.
  5. You can also view or print off a copy of the 2024 Stewardship brochure here: 2024 Stewardship Brochure.

How to Fulfill Your Giving Commitment:

Many people send in their Giving Commitments by check through the mail, however it is becoming very common these days for people to complete the process by setting up recurring or electronic payments.  There are several easy ways to set up one-time or recurring payments:

  1. Go to http://fpcp.net/give to give online
  2. Use the “Vanco Mobile” app on your cell phone or tablet
  3. Use the “Vanco GivePlus Text” tool to contribute via text message
  4. Complete the Automatic Withdrawal Section of the 2024 Financial Commitment Form and mail it back to Stu Dodge.


We ask that you pray and make a pledge for the current program year using the Financial Commitment Form to determine the level of giving that is right for you and your family

If you have any questions regarding Stewardship, including opportunities to serve at FPCP, please contact any member of the Stewardship Committee: Lou Maceratini, Mike Dean, Scott Boothroyd, or Tom Little.

You may also contact our church finance administrator, Stu Dodge, at 734-453-6464 ext. 116 for questions about your giving commitment or methods of payment.