Overview of Program

threads-that-heal-the-heart-quiltsCan you touch a prayer? Can you pull it close and feel its comfort? Threads To Heal the Heart is a prayer group ministry at First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth.

This group is dedicated to making quits with prayerful thoughts stitched inside.  The quilts are intended for anyone experiencing an illness, depression , grief or a variety of serious situations. Our ministry began when we read an article in the Detroit Free Press in March, 2001. Since then, many prayer and baptismal quilts have been given over the years, both locally and internationally.  The quilts are given for free to the recipient.

Below are some of the messages we have received from those who were comforted by a quilt:

  • “We take great comfort in our quilts, and we remind each other that each stitch is a prayer to our loving God.”
  • “Thank you so much for the beautiful quilt, I love looking at it and when I cover myself with it I can feel your prayers.”
  • “The women of First Presbyterian Church have truly made a difference in our lives by making us such a beautiful quilt. It helps to have it near us when we are having a hard day.”
  • “My sister loves the quilt but treasures even more the prayers behind it. It is such a tangible comfort at this sad time.”
  • “Thank you, thank you for the beautiful quilt. It is a very special gift with so much caring (and sewing) behind it. I am touched that you made a quilt for me. I am touched by the prayers.”
  • “I keep my prayer quilt close to remind me of all the people praying for me.”

Ministry Focus

To provide prayerful comfort through quilts made for family and friends that need encouragement and prayers in difficult times.

Requesting a Quilt

Friends and family can request a quilt.  All you need to do is fill out the form found in the Narthex labeled “Threads to Heal the Heart” and drop it back in the box, or a note may be put in the “Threads to Heal the Heart” mailbox.  After receiving the request, a quilt is selected, prayers are made for the family and then you will be called to pick up the quilt. You can then deliver it to the person in need. 

Becoming Involved

quilt-groupYou are invited to participate in whatever way you feel called to assist in this prayer group ministry. The beauty of combining the gift of prayers with the gift of a quilt is in the interweaving connections. Each of us contributes towards uplifting the recipient, and each other. Through fellowship, God touches each of us in a special way.

Some of the ways you can help this ministry are:

  • Pressers and fabric cutters
  • Quilt piecers and assemblers
  • Hand stitchers
  • Scrapbook maker

Finally, although this nonprofit group, and does not accept any form of payment for the prayer quilt, donations are accepted and help sustain this ministry.

When and Where?

Threads to Heal the Heart meets on the 4th Monday of each month from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm in Knox Hall.

Contact Patty Butzen at 734-459-0436 or Sally Evans at 734-453-4432 for more information.