Overview of Program

The Endowment was established in 1981 to provide an opportunity for donors to make gifts beyond their regular stewardship giving, providing longterm, if not perpetual, support to the Church. The Endowment generates funds for the major activities of conducting worship services, providing Christian education, pastoral care, mission giving to the disadvantaged, as well as other needed projects and beneficial programs.  For a printable overview of the Endowment program, see Endowment Overview.

Ministry Focus

Certain events and transitions cause us to reflect on our lives’ meanings and values. At such times, we may wonder about ourselves and how we have made a difference to others close to us, our community, and the world. Often, these times of reflection coincide with a change in financial position and consideration is made to use accumulated assets in a way that may help provide additional meaning or a legacy to our lives.

Because the Church has an important, personal role to us, it often emerges as a natural part of these carefully considered plans. Some might see the Church as a trustee to further a lifelong passion or interest; some may give to establish their own life’s legacy through the Church’s work; still others may seek to thank the Church for the role it has played in their life, or the life of someone close to them.

Endowment Funded Activities

In keeping with the Spiritual needs of the Church and Community, Endowment proceeds are used to fund and provide for expenses in the following areas:

  • Worship, Ministry & Pastoral Care – Helping people grow spiritually. As an example, the Endowment funds were used to launch the new Upper Room service, enabling the Church to attract and retain those seeking alternative forms of worship.
  • Benevolence & Advocacy – Assisting those in need. The Endowment provides direct and indirect support to members of our own congregation, people in our community, nation and world. Funds have been supplied to the Church’s Benevolence Fund in difficult economic times, as well as to Presbytery-supported mission organizations.
  • Education & Fellowship – Bringing people together to learn and celebrate God.
  • Property & Equipment – Ensuring the Church is a comfortable place people enjoy visiting. Beyond cleaning and basic maintenance and repair, funds are used to keep the building modern and up-to-date.  The Endowment has supplied funds for room remodeling, stained glass maintenance and the purchase of audio/visual and technical equipment.
  • Scholarship – Assisting Church members pursuing higher education at colleges and universities, in the creation of disciples of God, and to those answering God’s call and attending Seminary.

Investment Policies

The Endowment has grown steadily over the years through generous giving and responsible investing. Carefully monitored by the Finance Committee, the Endowment is invested using a “passive” strategy, allocating investments to lower-cost, index funds balanced among major asset classes. Distributions from the Endowment are calculated using a method frequently employed by foundations and major university and hospital endowments. The distribution method smoothes the volatility of investment returns and market performance to provide a steadier and more predictable flow of funds for endowed activities. The principal of the endowment will always be preserved, and distributions may be suspended if the Endowment’s value falls below a minimum, inflation-adjusted level.

Giving to the Endowment

Direct contributions of funds or securities that would immediately enhance the Endowment and its programs are welcomed. Further, some people will choose to remember the Church in their wills through bequests to the Endowment, providing a benefit at a future date. Some potential donors may have a desire to make a contribution, but also have concerns for their current financial wellbeing or providing for their heirs. Because of the strong record of generosity in this country, especially to Churches and faith-based organizations, provisions exist in our tax code to encourage charitable giving. Through careful planning and with the help of a trusted advisor, additional options are  available to for donors to give, benefiting the Church now, or in the future, that can be consistent with their longterm personal financial goals.

Direct Gifts

Please contact the Church Finance Administrator for wire or delivery instructions if you would like to contribute cash or securities to the Endowment.

Specific Bequests: Language called a codicil can be added to your existing will, directing part of your estate to be left to the Church endowment.

Direct contributions from IRA’s: In 2008, taxpayers aged 70 1/2 or older may take required distributions tax-free directly from their IRAs to qualified charities.

Planned Gifts

What is charitable gift planning? With the assistance of a trusted tax-advisor (attorney, CPA, financial planner) donors are able to gift assets while securing certain tax benefits and income payments. The planning may involve the use of a charitable remainder trust, charitable lead trust or other gift planning instrument.

Where and When can I find out more?

The Finance Committee meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm in the FPCP Bride’s Room (basement level), or contact Financial Administrator Stewart Dodge at 734-453-6464, ext 116.