The Awakening Heart and Soul - Upper Room | First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth

Based on the Greatest Commandment shared with us by Jesus himself in Mark 12:28-34, the current sermon series is entitled ‘The Awakening.’  This week, we are looking at ‘The Awakening Heart and Soul.’  God gave His people this one commandment that summarizes all the previous commandments and that His poeple could hold onto in times of trouble.  Jesus wanted us to know that we shouldn’t rely on the ritual of the commandments, but rather, we should rely on the love of God.  Our challenge, then, is to move our faith beyond just practice into a relationship with God that is able to withstand every season and challenge of life.

Based on Mark 12:28-34 and Psalm 23.

Rev. Campbell referenced this video in the sermon (posted on YouTube), which is also included in the Upper Room sermon video (w/o subtitles):

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