Maundy Thursday Service - Upper Room | First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth

During Holy Week, we look at the night that our Savior took his last supper with the 12 disciples.  On this evening, we, too, share in this solemn occasion through the Word and through Communion.

Rev. Rick Peters shared his thoughts on “What Does Our God of Grace Really Want?”  Rev. Peters asked each of us to consider the lengths we go to to avoid doing things we aren’t prepared to do.  Sometimes we procrastinate to the point of anxiety, desperation and stress.  In fact, we sometimes get to the point where we beg to have someone – anyone! – take this problem away from us.  Sound familiar?  Like us, Jesus came to that point on Maundy Thursday, not through procrastination, but through prophesy.  He knew he MUST do the unthinkable.  He must reach out to his disciples one last time over the breaking of bread, and he must prepare himself for the crucifixion.  It’s not surprising that he REALLY didn’t want to do it.  In fact, he begged to be spared, but in the end, he reconciled himself to his Father’s will and did what he was required to do.

Often we act confused and question what God wants us to do.  But most often, it’s not a question of not knowing, it’s a question of not wanting to actually do it.  We know we are to forgive.  We know we are to share.  We know we are to act.  We just don’t want to.  But THAT is what our God of grace requires of us.  He has equipped us to act, and THAT is what He wants us to do.

Based on Luke 22:14-27.

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