Lord, What Do You Want Me to Do? - Impact Sunday, Upper Room | First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth

Today we welcomed Ruth Azar, Director of the Second Mile Center of Detroit, who was our Impact Sunday guest minister.  Ruth shared with us how much the mission work of our church supported the Second Mile Center and other ministries around the area and the world.  She reminded us that mission is about putting God first and supporting causes second.  God gives us not only the time to spend doing His work, and the talents that He gives us to do that work, but also the treasure that enables that work, whether it’s the church’s ministry or its mission programs, to be done.  God gave us the treasure that we have, now we have a choice of what to do with it.  So Ruth challenged us to ask: God, what do you want ME to do?

Based on 1 Chronicles 29:11-17.

Visit the Second Mile Center video gallery, as mentioned by Rev. Emily Campbell.  The referenced video, in its entirety, is the final video in the gallery.

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