A Portrait of God: The God Who Calls - Sanctuary | First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth

In our third installment of the Lenten sermon series, ‘A Portrait of God,’ we are looking at ‘The God Who Calls.’  As Mark pointed out, this message isn’t ‘The God Who Called,’ it’s ‘The God Who Calls.’ In other words, our God doesn’t just call Samuel to His service, He is still calling us today.  We heard the story of Jim Drake, the director of our partner orphanage in Colina de Luz.  Jim was called, even today, to serve God through serving the children of Colina.  And each one of us has a calling to serve.  For some, it’s in the board room.  For some, it’s in the home.  For others, it’s in retail or customer service, or in education or on a production line.  We are called to serve through our marriages, our families, and when we are single.  Everyone’s call is different during different seasons of our lives, but each of us IS called, where we are, right now.  So don’t think, I’m just a student, so I can’t have been called.  Or I’m just a stay at home dad, so I don’t have a call.  Or I’m just a (fill in the blank)…  We are ALL called, over and over.  Remember, Samuel was called to be the chief priest of the Jewish nation… at the age of 12.

Based on 1 Samuel 3:1-21.

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