Today, our message was given by Rev. Vasco Kachipapa from Nkoma Synod, Malawi, Africa.  Rev. Kachipapa was in Plymouth as part of his trip to attend the Malawi Mission Network Conference in Texas.  We were privileged to hear him speak on the topic of ‘Unity in Christ.’

Rev. Kachipapa shared with us that, as Christians, we need to begin our journey on the cross from a position of unity in Christ Jesus.  Unity is the key to following Christ’s direction for our lives and for our church.  As Christians, we need to be mindful of our calling.  We need to be united, but not JUST united.  We need to be united IN CHRIST.  Even among dedicated believers, there can be dissenters, and those causing dissension can tear apart the mission of the church and destroy the church’s foundation.  To keep this from happening, the church must all agree on the message.  But, Rev. Kachipapa said, his caution is to remember that what you SAY comes from YOUR MIND.  To keep from prejudicing what we say with MAN’S language, we must be sure, through prayer and study of the bible, that we are speaking GOD’S language.  In this way, unity can prevail.

Based on 1 Corinthians 1:10-16.