This was a special Sunday, marking our recognition of Rev. Dr. James Skimins as Pastor Emeritus of the First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth.  This title was bestowed upon him in honor of his 22 years of leadership and service to FPCP and its members.  In addition to this special event, Dr. Skimins shared a message with us titled ‘Alone on the Bus.’ In this message, he talked about an experience he had with a shuttle bus driver, and how she, like many of us, feel that life is a worry.  We don’t see how the gospels have anything relevant to share with us in relation to our lives today.  But, as Dr. Skimins pointed out, the people that Jesus was addressing back when he gave the Sermon on the Mount are the same type of people that are in our world today.  The message then is as appropriate for them as it is for us now.  Don’t worry.  Celebrate that we are not alone in this world.  Remember that we are a part of God’s plan, and He does care for us.  And seek His Kingdom – a kingdom relationship with God.  And find someone with whom we can share our worries.  Keep in mind that God will help you deal with whatever comes, when the time comes.  Don’t worry.

Based on Psalm 139:1-12 and Matthew 6:25-34.