As we continue our series on the Psalms, today we look at Psalm 46.  We had the privilege to hear from Hussein Latif, our Mtenthera (Malawi) Partnership Liaison, on this topic.  Hussein shared that, as we live in today’s world, it is a world that is, in many ways, much like the times lived in by the Sons of Korah, the family who wrote this and many other psalms.  Now, like then, we are living through a time of national disasters and political unrest, and there are many episodes of personal problems that we must cope with.  But when we know, deep in our hearts, that God is our strength, our refuge and our fortress, we can feel safe in placing our trust in Him.  We trust in His protection and know that he will keep us safe through these times of trial.  Only then can we be still and know that He is God.

Based on  Psalm 46.