While we continue on in our Alpha series, we stepped into a parallel conversation for Consecration Sunday.  Guest minister Rev. Rick Peters talked about putting our priorities in order, asking the question, are we getting it backward, or are we paying it forward when we think about serving our church?  Do we serve, volunteer, and even financially support the church and its programs?  Or do we wait for the church – for God – to serve us?  The apostle John wrote that we must love God not because we have done anything special to deserve that love, but in response to the fact that God FIRST LOVED US!  He loved us for no reason other than we are His. Have you paid it forward?  Have you shared the good news – the Gospel – with others through word or deed?  By serving, volunteering or financially supporting the church, we are actually paying it forward – saying thank you to God for that undeserved but greatly appreciated love.

Based on Genesis 12:1-3 and 1 John 4:7-12.