2008-05-all-churchIt is our intention to help you find resources and inspiration for your family and your search for faith. You are a special part of that vision! Join with us as we proclaim a joyful and expectant faith in a broken and fearful world. Let FPCP help you in your faith journey! We offer dynamic programs for all ages that we hope will help you continue to build your faith as Christ calls us to renewal and service.

about-us-bldgFPCP first assembled in February of 1833.

  • It was officially organized with its first minister, the Rev. A.M. McJunkin, in July of 1835.
  • The original building was built in 1846.
  • In 1936, the church was destroyed by a fire. The only items untouched by the fire were the Bible and the lectern on which it stood.

fpcpinspring-smThe present structure was built in 1937.

  • The Chapel was added in 1955.
  • In September 2002, a 10,000 square foot educational wing was added to the current structure.

We hope you will enjoy this video tour of FPCP’s 187 years in Plymouth.

Join us and watch our most recent History Night as Rev. Emily Campbell takes us back through the years that the church and the community of Plymouth. Watch as you see how we have changed through the lenses of time, as we reminisce about the good and bad times the church went through, as we hear stories that will forever be in the heart of FPCP, enjoy the memories that built this church, and dive into the many that led this church through its 187 years. So please enjoy as you take a quick glimpse into the 187 years of First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth.



FPCP’s Stained Glass Windows

FPCP’s beautiful stained glass windows have a rich history, representing snapshots in time of the life of this church and its members.  Many date back to 1937 when the church was rebuilt following the fire, although several windows have also been commissioned since that day.

A registry of FPCP’s stained glass windows has recently been completed by the Michigan Stained Glass Census.  To see the results of this process, please visit the Michigan Stained Glass Census website.