Want to spend more time with God, but you’re busy with young children at home?  We might just be the group for you!  Enjoy a potluck dinner followed by an hour of study while the children play with a babysitter once a month.  We will also organize quarterly social outings.

This year we are continuing with Sacred Parenting: How Raising Children Shapes Our Souls by Gary Thomas.  This study has video lessons, so no prep needed, but guides are available to those wishing to dive deeper between meetings.

We meet the third Sunday of the month (or the second Sunday due to holidays) in a group member’s home.  Mark your calendars now and we hope to see you there!  Studies are from 4:30pm- 6:30 pm on:

  • 01-20-19: #1 – Sacred Parenting: God’s Hammer on Our Souls

  • 02-17-19: #2 – Sacred Parenting: It’s All About Him: God- Centered Parenting

  • 03-17-19: #3 – Sacred Parenting: The Hardest Hurt of All

  • April or May 2019: Saturday Night Dinner and Drinks for Adults Only to be announced.

  • 04-14-19: #4 – Sacred Parenting: Embracing Our Insignificance

  • 05-19-19: #5 – Sacred Parenting: The Gold Behind the Guilt

  • 06-09-19: #6 – Sacred Parenting: The Sweet Side of Sacrifice

  • June or July 2019: Summer BBQ at Plymouth Splash Park to be announced.

Locations and RSVP information to be announced.  Please contact Julie Heasley (248-305-0742 or by email) with questions or to be added to the SignUp Genius group for notices.