Kathy Bernard had the opportunity to speak with our team yesterday (7/25) and everyone sounds great they’ve been busy!

Fortunately, fuel has been accessible, so on Tuesday, they were able to visit some VERY rural villages to see where shallow wells have been installed with Marion Medical Mission very – eye-opening for the team. Yesterday Mark met with the youth at Mtenthera and had an excellent meeting, during which they sang and danced for him. They also toured the Nursing College in Nkhoma, where Corinne was able to deliver some much needed medical text books. Today and tomorrow, they are visiting the prayer houses, where Mark is giving a brief message. One of the three prayer house roofs FPCP helped fund should be complete today or tomorrow, so our team will bring back photos of this. I am sure there will be a huge celebration at that prayer house when our team arrives!

As I write this, our team is having lunch with our dear friend, Rev. Jaleck Kachipanda at Chongoni Training Center. Many of you will remember that Rev. Kachipanda was the former pastor of Mtenthera CCAP and he visited Plymouth in June 2010. The plan is to go to Lake Malawi on Saturday and then there will be an outdoor evangelical service on Sunday at Mtenthera. Mark will preach at the outdoor service and Doug, Corinne and Laura will share their testimonies. Please continue to keep our team in prayer, particularly on Sunday, when their words will speak the powerful message of the love and joy of the Lord Jesus Christ to our brothers and sisters at Mtenthera.

Our travelers leave Malawi on Monday and are due to arrive in Detroit on Tuesday, July 31 at about 2pm, so please pray for safe travels throughout the remainder of their trip and back home to us!