Hi everyone,

Just received an update from Doug Kee. The team arrived safely as planned and were greeted by a small choir for a true Malawistyle welcome! Laura McHugh sent this photo of the guest house they are staying in. The team had a great day at the church today meeting with Rev. Banda and the session to confirm their agenda for their visit. Rev. Banda is still hoping that someone from FPCP will attend the synodwide Women’s Guild conference that will be hosted at Mtenthera in August. Unfortunately, it’s scheduled for the same time that Rev. Chifungo and Rev. Kachipapa will be visiting here! Everyone ate nsima and all seems to be well!

The first and largest prayer house roof should be complete next week, which is exciting. Mtenthera is shopping for pews/seating for the main sanctuary and they are hoping to conduct some lay leader training at Chongoni Training Center (where Rev. Kachipanda is currently posted). This lay leader training will help alleviate some of the leadership pressure that currently rests solely on Rev. Banda. Tomorrow morning, our FPCP team will be attending the 4am prayer meeting with Hussein, so if possible, please engage in prayer tonight at 9pm when the Mtenthera group will be praying for us!

Kathy Bernard