Just a quick update about Malawi news and upcoming events.

Doug talked with Hussein Latif (our partnership coordinator at Mtenthera) a few days ago. Hussein reported that the church at Mtenthera has finally, after several years of working and waiting, been connected to electrical power by Escom! They are very excited that this is finally accomplished just in time for our arrival.

This coming Tuesday, July 17, four of us will be traveling to Malawi. Please keep Mark Hovermale, Laura McHugh, and Doug and Corinne Kee in your prayers as they travel to Mtenthera and visit with our friends and partner church members. They will be delivering your generous donations of preschool supplies and white blouses to the Mtenthera church. They also plan to see the prayer houses where new roofs are being installed, the old church renovations and creation of the preschool, some water projects, the nursing college and hospital in Nkhoma, and several other places. They plan to meet with Hussein and Rev. Banda at the Mtenthera church and will also have the chance to meet with Rev. Juma to discuss youth ministries.

While they are gone, please watch the church’s web and facebook pages for updates.

Blessings to all of you!
Corinne Kee