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Update: December 17, 2015

“Africare Foundation is one of the organizations FPCP is supporting during the hunger crisis in Malawi. They work with very poor families and children in the Nkhoma region near our partner church. Their missionary in Malawi, Nicole van Elteren, a young woman from the Netherlands, posted the attached report about the current situation in Malawi and how Africare are responding. We appreciate their efforts and your support which is funding this much needed relief to the poorest in Malawi. We’ll continue to send out reports from our partners as we receive them so you are aware of how your funds are being employed.”

Click on this link to read the report: http://africaremalawi.blogspot.com/2015/12/planting-season.html


Update: October 1, 2015

Call to action to help ease the hunger situation in Malawi 

Our brothers and sisters in Malawi are facing a serious food crisis during this coming dry season. The floods in the southern region and inconsistent rains in the central and northern regions have resulted in very poor crop yields throughout the country. Many families are already experiencing food shortages, and it will be many months before they can plant and harvest crops again. The hunger committee at our partner church, Mtenthera CCAP, has already purchased and distributed maize to hungry families, but there is not enough to last through the long hunger season.

As a direct result of the Malawi Mission Network Conference held here in August, our National International Mission Committee (NIMC) has been in contact with the Malawi Mission Network (MMN) Leadership Team about this concern. In turn, the MMN Leadership Team has been communicating with the three CCAP Synods in Malawi, and the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) in the US, to help coordinate efforts to support those in need. They are actively developing a plan for action, but need our help.

How can you help? There are several ways we all can help.

First, the PC(USA) has called for a nationwide Day of Prayer and Fasting on Friday, October 16th (World Food Day). Join with others to pray for God’s mercy for those experiencing hunger and food insecurity, and if you are able, participate in fasting that day. An excellent pair of documents are available for your review: Devotional Guide and a Guide for Biblical Fasting. These are also available on  the PCUSA website at Malawi Flooding.

Second, you will have the chance to participate in a Day of Action on Sunday, October 18th at FPCP. There will be a special offering collected that day for Malawian food aid. Please prayerfully consider if you are able to help with a donation. If you are able to contribute, our National International Mission Committee will insure that the funds will be distributed in Malawi for food aid.

The need is great and people are already hungry. Please prayerfully consider how you can be involved and how you can help. Thank you.

Corinne Kee, NIMC


Update: March 2015

March has see great changes to the building project at the Mtenthera Community Day Secondary School (CDSS).  As reported by FPCP’s Doug Kee following his recent visit, “[Here are photos of] ongoing work on girls’ hostel (dormitory in American) at Mtenthera CDSS. We’ve had our challenges but are moving forward with our community partners, the school PTA, traditional authority, village headmen and Mtenthera CCAP. Hoping for a very blessed dedication ceremony in the fall to open the hostel so girls have a safe place to live and pursue their education.”  Hussein Latif reports that one of the two hostel buildings is nearly ready for a roof, the inside rooms and the storage spaces are nearly finished, and the hole for the septic tank is being dug.  The progress during the first part of 2015 has been wonderful. Thanks be to God! 

brick delivery storage units
11081002_10152639239611268_5351440486919248311_n septic tank
 courtyard forms 


Update: March 8, 2015

Great progress is being made on the Girl’s Hostel at the Mtenthera Community Day Secondary School.  Our liaison, Hussein Latif, has shared some photos of the amazing progress that’s being made.  

Building the exterior walls — February 2015

mtenthera-girls-dormitory-1-3 mtenthera-girls-dormitory-1-2 mtenthera-girls-dormitory-1-1

Building the interior walls

February 2015 – Interior without walls  First week of March 2015 – Interior walls are up
mtenthera-girls-dormitory-1-4 mtenthera-girls-dormitory-2-2


Update: November 19, 2014

 gift-catalogIs your family looking for a unique way to give gifts this Christmas season?  Why not consider giving a gift that keeps on giving?  Why not, instead of gifting unneeded items at Christmas, you decide to use your Christmas money to help the girls in Malawi?   The Girls’ Dormitory in Mtenthera, Malawi is nearly ready to be furnished, and they would really appreciate our help.  The Alternative Gift Catalog contains a number of items that are needed to prepare the dormitory to receive the girls who will reside there.  These include necessities such as showers, toilets, and sinks, as well as furnishings for the girls, such as cupboards, curtains, beds and mattresses.  Please take a few minutes to review the Alternative Gift Catalog PDF and see if any of these items call to you.

Gift donations will be accepted on Sundays through Christmas at the table in the Narthex.  Please prayerfully consider if God is calling you to help furnish the Girls’ Dormitory in Malawi.  Gifts may be made in you and your family’s names, or in the names of those you choose to honor with this gift of security for the young ladies who are hoping to further their education in Malawi. 

Alternative Gift Catalog (pdf – order form may be printed and brought/mailed to Stu Dodge, FPCP Financial Administrator)


Update: April 20, 2014

Update on the Malawi Hunger Relief Efforts

truck-maize-smThank you to everyone who prayed and contributed financially to the relief efforts. We collected an amazing $9,223, which has and will make a dramatic difference to our brothers and sisters in Malawi. Mtenthera CCAP, our sister church, has distributed 748 bags of maize (5 kg per bag). The food has been provided to both members of the church and local people in the communities. The Prayer Houses and the main church did a fabulous job of organizing the distribution. It was orderly, fair and compassionate as witnessed by our own folks, Kathy Bernard and  Doug Kee. Through your giving and God’s grace, our sister church is truly acting as a shining light of Christ’s love. They are earning a reputation as a church that truly cares about people. The harvesting has begun and there should not be a food shortage the balance of this year. Because of the huge out pouring from your hearts, we have enough funds to provide support to their Hunger Committee. They are working on long term strategies including pre-purchasing maize flour off-season because the prices are much lower, as well as providing training for improved farming methods and soil productivity. Thank you again for your prayers and support.

Christ’s peace and joy to all,
National/International Mission Committee 


Update: February 22, 2014

Urgent Help Needed – It’s the Hunger Season in Malawi 

 We have heard from Rev. Banda that food supplies at Mtenthera are very low and some people are going several days without anything to eat. Last year’s maize harvest was poor and insufficient due to the lack of rain during the growing season, and this year’s crops aren’t ready for harvest. 

The National International Mission Committee (NIMC) has already sent $1000 to Mtenthera. Rev. Banda and Mtenthera’s Hunger Committee purchased and distributed bags of maize flour to needy families in the congregation and community. They are very grateful for our help, but there are still families going hungry.

NIMC is asking for your help to buy more bags of maize flour to help feed our brothers and sisters in Christ in Malawi. We would like to raise at least $1,500 in the next two weeks, enough to buy about 500 bags of Maize flour. Doug Kee and Kathy Bernard are traveling to Malawi in early March and hope to bring a generous donation with them. NIMC members will be available to receive your donations this week and next by the doors to the sanctuary and the Upper Room. If you prefer to write a check,  make it out to FPCP and write Malawi food aid on the memo line. 

On behalf of NIMC and our friends at Mtenthera, thank you for your help.
Corinne Kee 

IMG_0143  Receiving a truckload of maize flour








Bags of maize flour purchased through the loving support of FPCP’s members.





Families waiting at Mtenthera CCAP to receive a bag of flour








Some of the many families who received the bags of precious flour





Update: December 16, 2013

Update on the CDSS Girl’s Hostel

Doug Kee called Hussein earlier today.  Hussein advised that the team at Mtenthera had actually poured the foundation today at the CDSS. It’s been challenging on several fronts but we should thank God for even getting us this far. Materials have been procured by the Church Development team and also by a number of local chiefs to enable the foundation to be done. Water supply has been a big challenge in that Mr. Kuleza had to haul water over from the church well to mix cement onsite. Doug will be sending a separate email regarding the well at the CDSS shortly. Hussein did receive a detailed quotation from our contractor for installation of a working well at the CDSS.

Great news to celebrate as construction has at last commenced on this project.


Update: November 14, 2013

Urgent Need for Malawi – Women’s White Blouses and
Non-Prescription Reading Glasses!

Jim and Kathy Bernard, Sue Kage and Doug Kee returned home from Malawi on 11/14.  We welcome them home safely with joyful hearts for their safe travels!

One thing they wanted to share after their recent trip to Malawi is that women’s white blouses are still needed.  At our sister church in Malawi, women wear white blouses whenever they attend a Women’s Guild meeting or attend church. We are looking for gently-used (not new) white or off-white blouses in a modest style. They can be short or long sleeved and any size is acceptable.  The type of blouse material does not matter, however please note that they cannot use t-shirts, sweaters, or shirts of that nature. We will be collecting the blouses through June.

Also, they are in need of (non-prescription) reading glasses.  If you have extra pairs, please put them in the appropriate containers in the collection area in the basement level. 

All sizes of shirts and any strength of reading glasses will be gratefully accepted.


Update: August 20, 2013

On Sept. 5, 2013, we will be receiving our first ever Theologians in Residence in the persons of Rev. Davidson Chifungo and his wife, Phoebe Chifungo, and their three daughters.  In advance of their arrival, we thought you would like to learn more about them – their fascinating personal histories and their professional backgrounds.  Below is a link for each of their bios.



       Rev. Dr. Davidson Chifungo                                           Phoebe Faith Chifungo        

While the Chifungo’s are with us during the month of September, we will need your help with the following:

  • Greeting them at the airport when they arrive on Thursday, September 5th at 2:00 p.m.
  • Hosting the Chifungo’s for dinner one night, with or without other guests. This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know them. Also, if you have children of similar ages to the girls (6, 8, and 13), this could be a memorable get together for your children.
  • Bringing dinner to them so they can have some quiet family time on other nights.
  • Helping as a guide for visiting local attractions.
  • Babysitters are likely to be needed as well.

If you can help with any of these activities, please call or email Kathy Bernard (248-880-9076 or bernardfamily2[@]gmail.com).

Here are some of the church activities we have scheduled for this program:chifungo-family

  • 9/5   Welcoming the Chifungo’s at the airport – 2 p.m.
  • 9/7   FPCP Family Picnic at Maybury State Park – 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
  • 9/8   Rev. Chifungo preaching at both serices
  • 9/15  Sunday Services – Chifungo Welcome Brunch – 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  • 9/18  Family Circle Night at The 6ridge – “An Evening with the Chifungo’s for Families” – 5 p.m. to 7:15 p.m.
  • 9/19  Evening Devotions – 9 p.m.
  • 9/22  Phoebe Chifungo preaching in the Upper Room
  • 9/23  “Girl Rising” movie premiere, hosted by Phoebe Chifungo at Schoolcraft College – 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • 9/26  Evening Devotions – 9 p.m.
  • 9/29  Rev. Chifungo preaching in the Upper Room
  • 10/1  “An Evening with the Chifungo’s for Adults” – 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • 10/3  Evening Devotions – 9 p.m.
  • Sunday School, Bible Studies and M.S. / H.S. Youth Programs, as scheduling allows.

Additional details on the trip are on the Mission Bulletin Board. Hopefully you are looking forward to the Chifungo’s coming. We know you will fall in love with this family as you get to know them. Please pray for safe travels and the success of this program.


Update: August 20, 2013 



Monday, September 23, 2013 @ 7:00 PMgirl-rising
Schoolcraft College

Sponsored by FPCP, National/International Missions

Tickets: $10

Hostess: Phoebe Chifungo, Malawian Visitor

One girl with courage is a revolution! Girl Rising is a groundbreaking film directed by Academy Award nominee Richard Robbins, which tells the stories of 9 extraordinary girls from 9 countries, written by 9 celebrated writers and narrated by 9 renowned actresses. Girl Rising showcases the strength of the human spirit, the power of storytelling and the leverage of strategic partnerships to deliver a simple, critical truth: Educate Girls and you will Change the World.

This is a movie you must see! Please consider this movie a family event to become more aware of the struggle girls throughout the world encounter in garnering an education (appropriate for ages 10 and up). Proceeds from this showing will help support our ongoing mission in Mtenthera with the girl’s hostel presently being built.

Tickets go on sale Sunday, September 1, 2013, and will be available throughout the week in the office. Limited seating is available.


Update: August 1, 2013

News and Prayer Requests from Mtenthera CCAP

Work is continuing at the Mtenthera CDSS Secondary School to repair the roof and flooring that were damaged and destroyed late last year, and for drilling a new well. The foundation work for the new girl’s dormitory will also be starting this month. Please keep in prayer all of the dedicated church members and local villagers who are working so hard to help improve secondary education in their community.

Please pray for Nkoma Synod  of CCAP in Malawi, as they gather in Assembly the week of August 26 to discern the will of God and to elect new leadership for their Synod for the next six years – – pray for fruitful deliberations and Godly decisions. Rev. Davidson Chifungo has been the General Secretary for the past six years and his term ends on August 31.

Also please pray for safe travel for Rev. Chifungo and his wife Phoebe and their children (Thoko, Thandie and Temwa),  as they depart on September 4 for their visit to FPCP.

Finally, please pray for the Marion Medical Mission and all their volunteers as they embark on this year’s work to build and install 2,800 wells in Malawi and neighboring countries during September and October, bringing clean and wholesome water to thousands of people who do not now have access to it.


Update: June 21, 2013

Progress Update on the Mtenthera CDSS (Community Day Secondary School) Girl’s Dormitory Project

We want to share a very encouraging update with you regarding the Mtenthera CDSS (Community Day Secondary School) girl’s dormitory project. Last week, the church building team held an extensive meeting with local chiefs and community leaders. Approximately 30 chiefs, the Traditional Authority (“TA” head of all local chiefs in the region), village headmen and school committee were in attendance.  They discussed property and building plans to begin construction of the new girls’ dormitory, which will house approximately 112 girls.  

After many months of local meetings to formalize church proprietorship of this school and to secure government support for improvements, the time has come to begin construction. This is a very significant project in the life of the village. Adequate property has been committed by the TA for the building. The church asked that, as partners, the local community also make a commitment to contribute what they are able to aid in this construction project. After much debate, the chiefs and headmen agreed to provide all building materials which can be secured locally, such as stone, sand and, most importantly, bricks. Each village headman agreed to contribute 32,000 bricks made to commercial standards. Our team in Malawi estimates this should be enough bricks to just about complete the building’s foundation and walls. The community members will also be providing some of the unskilled labor necessary to construct the dormitory. 

Based on the cost estimates we have in hand, the local community is contributing about 24% of the total cost identified so far, with FPCP contributing the remaining 76%. This is a very sizable contribution from the local villages and shows the strong investment they are willing to make to improve the local school. In the meeting, many elders expressed their strong desire that their children and grandchildren would receive a decent education which they never were able to secure. Our Partnership team is very encouraged by the community’s commitment to fully partner with us in improving the secondary school in Mtenthera.

 We will have building plans on display in the narthex on Sunday, June 23rd, and will be putting photos of the current school facilities and classrooms on our partnership bulletin board. You will clearly see the need for improved facilities to provide a good learning environment for the 400 students enrolled at the school. We are so thankful to you for your generous donations, which we are investing at the secondary school. You will be receiving regular updates now that the construction program is underway.

Please keep our Plymouth/Mtenthera partnership with the community secondary school in your prayers for a bright future.

God bless you,

Doug Kee for the National/International Mission Committee


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