Followers of Christ: Witnesses — Upper Room


The theme today as we look at Followers of Christ is Witnesses.  The featured video gives us a hard look at how we are called to witness to others.  As Christians, we are called to be in the world, but not necessarily of the world.  Today, there is a lot of anger and violence, fraud […]

Choir Favorites Concert Service – Sanctuary


Today, the Chancel Choir presented a selection of their favorite anthems from the 2016-17 choral year.  Many thanks to choral director Dr. Jerry Smith, organist Sue Scott, accompanist Sharon Smith, guest soloist Debbie Hart, percussionist John Monks and the entire FPCP Chancel Choir for a beautiful morning of music and memories. Musical Selections (in order […]

The Followers of Christ: God Lives in Us – Sanctuary


As we celebrate Mother’s Day and Confirmation Sunday, we look at the followers of Christ know as Children of God.  This is the time of the year when families gather, and we often hear, ‘you look just like your mother (or father.)’ Sometimes people might wonder where Jesus got his qualities.  And in fact, he […]

The Followers of Christ: Pilgrims and Strangers – Upper Room


Continuing the discussion about those who are followers of Christ, today we looked at Pilgrims and Strangers.  Pastor Linda focused more on the idea of strangers.  She pointed out that people following God have always had a good idea of what it was to be a stranger – Abraham, Moses, Isaiah, and the disciples all […]

The Followers of Christ: Ambassadors of Christ (Sanctuary)


Today, we looked at the followers of Christ known as Ambassadors, beginning with a children’s message about how we can be ambassadors of Christ’s love as children, as shared by Stephen Murphy and Janie Roberts, two of the Colina de Luz mission trip participants, followed by a Minute for Mission shared by Dana Stonerook, another […]