Sermons by Rev. Emily Riley Campbell

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The Gifts of God: Praise – Sanctuary


As we reach the end of our series on The Gifts of God, we look at the gift of Praise.  Every Christian, even the Frozen Chosen, are called on to praise God.  Our ability to praise God shouldn’t be based on the weather report – it’s easy to praise God when it’s 65 degrees and […]

The Gifts of God: Patience – Upper Room


Watch the full ‘The Patience Test‘ video from, if you dare.  NOTE: We strongly recommend that you do NOT try these tests at home: results will definitely vary. Oh, and it’s water (you’ll see the glass being held), just so you know… The closing illustration video, ‘Wait,’ was purchased from the website. When looking […]

The Song of Love – Upper Room


The 4th Sunday in Advent: Love.  Today, Pastor Emily shared with us a different perspective of Mary as she sang her song of love. She started by asking what kind of song each of us are singing, and what does that say about us?  Mary, when she was told of her pregnancy and the prophecy […]

The Gift of Peace – Upper Room


Second Sunday in Advent The concept of arrival – or the anticipation of Christ’s birth – as represented in Psalm 122 is a record of the Israelite’s anticipation of their  arrival as they made their pilgrimage to the city of Jerusalem. There are 4 repeated ‘stepping’ words that helped them sing this song and reminded […]

Thanksgiving Into Hope: Upper Room


The First Sunday in Advent: Hope.   Many things cause us to wait, and as we wait, we prepare.  That’s what Advent is – the season of preparation.  We are waiting for Christmas, for the celebration of the birth of Christ.  That’s what the Israelites were doing in the time of Isaiah as well.  They […]

Gratitude to Grow: Sanctuary


Being grateful is what makes us joyful. No matter what is going on in our lives, a reason can always be found to give God thanks.  When we can focus on the practice of gratitude, we can truly focus on lifting our eyes to God. Based on Psalm 100 and Luke 17:11-19.