Sermons by Rev. Emily Riley Campbell

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Easter Sunday: Hope is Raised – Sanctuary

Hear the good news – Jesus Christ has risen from the dead!  Hallelujah!  The hope of Easter is not limited to God’s ability to DO the amazing, it also includes God’s hope that we will respond to the amazing.  God is challenging us to take a risk in our every day lives and live for […]

Broken and Blessed – Upper Room, Maundy Thursday


On Maundy Thursday, we recognized the first Communion meal between Jesus and his followers. After leading us in the washing of hands, Pastor Emily talked about what it means to be broken.  She suggested that perhaps it means that we are one with Christ, and through Jesus’s brokenness, we are offered healing. Based on Luke […]

The Faces of Jesus: Fasting Jesus – Upper Room


To quote Rev. Davidson Chifungo, a dear friend to FPCP from Malawi, Africa, “No one can hear the Word of God when you’re hungry.”  On this 5th Sunday in Lent, we take this opportunity to look at the importance of fasting as a spiritual discipline.  Paster Emily began by sharing an outline of what fasting […]

The Faces of Jesus: Healer Jesus – Sanctuary


Due to (hopefully temporary) technical issues, the full video of today’s service is not available.  Please check back – if we are able to do so, the video will be posted at a later date.  Until then, please listen to the audio recording of today’s Message. As we continue with our series ‘The Faces of […]

The Faces of Jesus: Loving Jesus – Sanctuary

In our second message in the Lenten series, ‘The Faces of Jesus,’ we look at the Loving Jesus.  Rev. Campbell discussed how God loves us patiently in our healing when we are in pain.  God’s love is strong in the face of our weakness.  God’s love carries us even when we cannot move forward ourselves. […]

The Gifts of God: Praise – Sanctuary


As we reach the end of our series on The Gifts of God, we look at the gift of Praise.  Every Christian, even the Frozen Chosen, are called on to praise God.  Our ability to praise God shouldn’t be based on the weather report – it’s easy to praise God when it’s 65 degrees and […]

The Gifts of God: Patience – Upper Room


Watch the full ‘The Patience Test‘ video from, if you dare.  NOTE: We strongly recommend that you do NOT try these tests at home: results will definitely vary. Oh, and it’s water (you’ll see the glass being held), just so you know… The closing illustration video, ‘Wait,’ was purchased from the website. When looking […]