Sermons by Rev. Emily Riley Campbell

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Fruit of the Spirit: Love — Sanctuary

Due to the power outage, there is only one service that will be posted today.  The Upper Room service did not take place. We begin our look at the Fruit of the Spirit with Love.  We are told throughout scripture that the church is the Bride of Christ.  Thus, if we are a part of […]

Easter Sunday — Upper Room

As we celebrate Easter Sunday with a look at the miracle of the Empty Tomb, we must ask ourselves, why did God choose THIS miracle – the resurrection – to occur?  In fact, it is the one miracle that affects each one of us.  Jesus comes back, and he meets each of us where we are.  […]

Good Friday Tenebrae Service — Sanctuary

Good Friday is the day when Christians commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ.  The service of Tenebrae (the name means ‘darkness’ or ‘shadows’) is a Holy Week devotion which traces its roots back to the seventh century.  It is characterized by the gradual darkening of the Sanctuary as candles are extinguished throughout the service.  […]

The Miracles of Jesus: Feeding the 5,000 – Sanctuary

This Sunday, we look at the only miracle to appear in all four gospels – the miracle of Jesus feeding the 5,000.  It is interesting that it begins with Jesus pressing his disciples to come up with a solution to feeding 5,000+ people.  The solution, 5 small, dinner-roll-sized loaves and 2 small sardine-sized fish, wasn’t a […]