Sermons by Rev. Dr. James Skimins

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Sanctuary: New Life, New Hope


In contrasting the story of the valley of dry bones with the story of Jesus’ testing in the desert, Dr. Skimins shared with us an interesting comparison.  The despair of the Israelites of Ezekiel’s time is very different from the success of Jesus’ ministry at that point, but the message for them, and for us, […]

Upper Room: Caught by Surprise


The story of Jarius’ daughter and the unclean woman were both examples of people who were caught by surprise at Jesus’ caring – at the power of his healing touch.  The panic of hopelessness gave way to the joy of compassion.  The example of Jesus and freely given, brave compassion is what sets the Christian […]

Sanctuary: The Door of Fellowship


The final installment of our sermon series, ‘The Door of…”, focuses on the Door of Fellowship.  Fittingly set on World Communion Sunday, this door focuses on who comes to the table – to communion.  We each have a way that we identify ourselves – by political affiliation, by alma mater, by where we live, by […]

Sanctuary: The Door of Celebration


Focusing on the next door, ‘The Door of Celebration,’ we looked at the many reasons to celebrate, including Rev. Campbell’s 10 years of ministry with FPCP.  As Christians, we can celebrate that we’re valuable and we’re protected by God, just as the shepherd values and protects his sheep. Today, we see fulfillment in worldly terms […]

Sanctuary: The Door of Prayer & Forgiveness


Our third door is ‘The Door of Prayer and Forgiveness.’ Today, we are looking at this door in connection with the Lord’s Prayer. The Lord’s Prayer is one that shares with us a sense of forgiveness and renewal, and gives us a glorious picture of who God is.  It assures us that God participates in […]

The Door of Service


In our second installment of our series, ‘The Door of…,’ we’re looking at The Door of Service.  Service is often defined by who we serve.  For the new disciples in Paul’s time, it was defined by who they followed: Paul, Cephus, Apollo, Christ…  Today, service requires a new approach – a new way of thinking, […]

Kairos & Chronos – The Journey to Retirement


As Dr. Skimins prepares to retire after 40 years in the pulpit, 22 of those years here at FPCP, he shared with us some memories of his time here, about his future plans and his insight into the transition to a new minister.  Thank you, Jim and Irene, for your years of leadership, of teaching, […]

Affordable Affirmation


This Sunday, we looked at the words of the Apostle Paul to the Christians in Philipae, written while Paul was in prison.  And the odd thing was that Paul used words like ‘Rejoice’ and ‘Joy’ in his writing as he sat there under house arrest.  Although our lives will play out, sometimes in unfortunate ways, […]

Anniversary Sunday – Great Heritage, Great Future


Today, we celebrated the 181st Anniversary of FPCP! On this occasion, it is natural that we look both back at our great heritage and forward at our great future.  The Presbyterian Church, and the First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth in particular, have a strong heritage, both throughout church history and in the community of Plymouth. […]