Sermons by Rev. Anne Schaefer

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The Faces of Jesus: Faithful Jesus – Sanctuary


As Jesus lived through the last week before his crucifixion, he went to the Temple every single day.  He went where his people to were that week, to bring God’s love to all of them, and today, to all of US.  He was facing making the ultimate sacrifice for them, and for us – he […]

The Faces of Jesus: Fasting Jesus – Sanctuary


Due to a brief power outage during the 9:00am service, we were unable to capture video of today’s  service, however we hope you will listen to the available audio recording of today’s bible verses and sermon.  Please note that the Old Testament Scripture lesson is missing the last couple of verses.  We hope the video recording […]

The Faces of Jesus: Healing Jesus – Upper Room


The Bible verses used today were told via video, excerpted from “The Book of John – Gospel of John,” a Bible Movie from the Visual Bible.  On this 4th Sunday of Lent, we looked at another of the many faces of Jesus – Healing Jesus.  Rev. Anne looked at this aspect of Jesus through the story […]

The Faces of Jesus: Tempted – Sanctuary


Today, we look at the first topic in the series of ‘The Faces of Jesus’ – Tempted.  Today’s topic is based on the story of the 3 temptations of Jesus following his baptism and the 40 days spent fasting in the wilderness in preparation for the start of his earthly ministry. We are all tempted […]

On the Mountain Top – Sanctuary


As we recognized Transfiguration Sunday, Rev. Schaefer took us on a trip to the mountain top.  As a people, we tend to seek out  truth and  life, love and joy, from something other than where we can really find it.  And these sources may not really be useful to us.  So where should we look […]

The Gifts of God: Praise – Upper Room


Our final message focusing on the Gifts of God looks at Praise.  Rev. Anne started by sharing the story of creation found in Genesis. Then we listened to a short message from Louis Giglio explaining how all of creation, including the stars and the earth’s creatures, are continually praising God.   In fact, as Christians, […]

The Gifts of God: The Gift of Fellowship – Sanctuary


As we explored the Gift of Fellowship, we looked at our best friends.  Our best friends are those who are there for us, ready to come in our time of need.  Something draws best friends together.  Jesus’ friends and disciples were like this.  Jesus chose people who had willing hearts, open minds and were ready […]

The Gifts of God: The Gift of Wisdom – Sanctuary


According to St. Paul, it is God who is wise.  Our wisdom comes from God, so how do we make wise Christian choices? We must not be deceived by empty words.  God said, “I am the Light of the World.”  This reveals the truth of things – When making decisions, turn always toward the light. […]