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Fruit of the Spirit: Self Control — Upper Room


As we continue our sermon series on the Fruit of the Spirit, we look at Self Control.  Having Self Control is having the ability to resist the things of the world, like donuts, or marshmallows, or records.  When we listen to God’s word for guidance, and we use our self control to avoid the worldly […]

Fruit of the Spirit: Self Control — Sanctuary


Note: Please accept our apologies for the delay in posting this service; there was a power outage mid-service on June 3rd, and we needed to rerecord a portion of the service. As we continue our sermon series on the Fruit of the Spirit in conjunction with Baccalaureate Sunday, we look at Self Control.  Having Self Control is […]

Good Friday Tenebrae Service — Sanctuary

Good Friday is the day when Christians commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ.  The service of Tenebrae (the name means ‘darkness’ or ‘shadows’) is a Holy Week devotion which traces its roots back to the seventh century.  It is characterized by the gradual darkening of the Sanctuary as candles are extinguished throughout the service.  […]

Faces of Jesus: Palm Sunday – Upper Room


Jesus is in complete control, no matter what happened in the weeks up to his crucifixion.  He’s in complete control of our lives, too!  When life is spinning out of control, and we don’t know what is going on, remember, as Jesus is in control of everything.  How does Jesus fit in your life?  Are […]

Transform – Upper Room


When Peter, James, and John go up on the mountain with Jesus, they are witness to the transfiguration of Jesus and the appearance of Moses and Elijah.  They are caught up in the miracle happening around them, and Peter, who can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble, blurts out an offer to make tents […]

Christmas Eve: The Story of the Manger (5pm) – Sanctuary


As we prepare to celebrate Christmas and the birth of Jesus, are we telling people about the love of Jesus, or are we holding it tightly to ourselves? Remember, Jesus is a gift that we are meant to share with others.  We are told to ‘Go, tell it on the mountain’ to everyone around. Based […]

Thanksgiving: Upper Room


What are the results of Thankfulness?  Josh shared with us that thankfulness refocuses our perspective, it softens and refreshes our hearts, and it reminds us of God’s goodness.  It’s especially good because God gives us free gifts (his Great love, for one…), God gives us His unconditional love, and He gives us eternal life!  So […]

Upper Room: Recap of Summer Youth Trips


This Sunday, we heard from many of the youth who attended the summer mission trip to Detroit and and the summer camp trip to Hume, New England.    Josh shared some of what went on on these trips, but the majority of the story was shared by Grant Marmaduke (Hume trip) and Kelsey Taylor (Detroit […]