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The Faces of Jesus: Loving Jesus – Upper Room


In our second message in the Lenten series, ‘The Faces of Jesus,’ we look at the Loving Jesus.  Rev. Linda discussed how, in the only time during his ministry, Jesus actually invited HIMSELF into a home.  It was into the home of the small but powerful chief publican of Jericho, Zaccheaus.  Jesus showed us that […]

The Faces of Jesus: Tempted – Upper Room


Today, we look at the first topic in the series of ‘The Faces of Jesus’ – Tempted.  Today’s topic is based on the story of the 3 temptations of Jesus following his baptism and the 40 days spent fasting in the wilderness in preparation for the start of his earthly ministry.  What are the desert […]

Transform – Upper Room


When Peter, James, and John go up on the mountain with Jesus, they are witness to the transfiguration of Jesus and the appearance of Moses and Elijah.  They are caught up in the miracle happening around them, and Peter, who can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble, blurts out an offer to make tents […]

The Gifts of God: Praise – Upper Room


Our final message focusing on the Gifts of God looks at Praise.  Rev. Anne started by sharing the story of creation found in Genesis. Then we listened to a short message from Louis Giglio explaining how all of creation, including the stars and the earth’s creatures, are continually praising God.   In fact, as Christians, […]

The Gifts of God: Patience – Upper Room


Watch the full ‘The Patience Test‘ video from YouTube.com, if you dare.  NOTE: We strongly recommend that you do NOT try these tests at home: results will definitely vary. Oh, and it’s water (you’ll see the glass being held), just so you know… The closing illustration video, ‘Wait,’ was purchased from the SkitGuys.com website. When looking […]

The Gifts of God: Fellowship (Lead Me To You) – Upper Room


The gift of Fellowship takes WORK.  When fellowship is based on God’s grace, amazing things can happen.  Fellowship is made of many special, loving, intentional relationships with others.  Intentional fellowship brings us healing, love, and God’s grace, that we might know God’s great love for us.  How can WE bring fellowship up alongside ALL of […]