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Alpha: Does God Still Heal Today? – Upper Room


We begin wrapping up our fall Alpha series with the question: “Does God Still Heal Today?”  Rev. Emily Campbell assures us without hesitation – the answer is definitively – YES!  So why does God sometimes heal one person, but not another?  Why do impassioned prayers for healing sometimes seem to be ignored?  In the Bible, there […]

Alpha: How Can I Resist Evil? – Upper Room


As we near the end of our fall Alpha sermon series, we look today at the question, ‘How Can I Resist Evil?’  Rev. Schaefer looked at it from the perspective that when we know the song of our lives, of the church’s life, of the life of Christ, even when we step away from the […]

Alpha: What Does the Holy Spirit Do? – Upper Room


Today, we are following up last week’s ‘Who is the Holy Spirit?’ discussion with looking at what the Holy Spirit does.  The Holy Spirit is the manifestation of the Trinity, and as such, it can be seen in action when we look around today.  Rev. Schaefer spent some time sharing how she witnessed the Holy Spirit […]

Alpha: Who is the Holy Spirit? – Upper Room


As we near the end of our Alpha sermon series, we turn to the question of ‘Who is the Holy Spirit?’  The Holy Spirit is the very presence of God in this world.  It’s the manifestation of God’s love, and the sign of God’s compassion.  It guides us in how we treat each other.  The […]

Alpha: How Does God Guide Us? – Upper Room


The focus of our seventh week of the Alpha series is on ‘How Does God Guide Us?’  So where DO we turn for guidance?  With so many other, distracting, loud voices constantly chattering around us, it’s very easy to loose track of God’s voice in the noice.  But when we listen, we can often hear […]

Alpha: Why and How Should I Read the Bible? – Upper Room


According to theologian N.T. Wright, when asked how one should read the Bible, he replied, “frequently and thoroughly.” What is it about the Bible that makes it so influential?  Paul says that ALL scripture is inspired… breathed… by God.  It is a book of eternal and ancient, yet surprisingly current, faith.  It never claims to […]