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The Awakening Response – Upper Room


As we conclude our sermon series on ‘The Awakening,’ we do so with a look at the second most important commandment as discussed in Mark 12:28-34.  When looking at the commandment ‘Love your neighbor as yourself,’ we have to start by deciding who our neighbor is, which was the question asked in Luke 10:25-37 (The Parable of the Good Samaritan). Then we need to decide if and how […]

The Awakening Strength – Upper Room


Rev. Mark Hovermale continued our ‘The Awakening’ series based on Mark 12:28-34 by focusing on ‘The Awakening Strength.’  Connecting this passage with that of Psalm 46:1-3, which tells us where our strength comes from — the Lord — we can learn that, when it comes to the awakening strength, we need to recognize that to […]

The Awakening Mind – Upper Room


This service was designed and led by the 2019-20 FPCP 8th Grade Confirmation Class.  Assisted by leaders Doug & Julie Heasley and Rev. Mark Hovermale, the Confirmation students shared what they have learned, both in class and during their weekend retreat.  Rev. Mark, who shared the message with the students and the congregation, talked about […]

The Awakening Heart and Soul – Upper Room


Based on the Greatest Commandment shared with us by Jesus himself in Mark 12:28-34, the current sermon series is entitled ‘The Awakening.’  This week, we are looking at ‘The Awakening Heart and Soul.’  God gave His people this one commandment that summarizes all the previous commandments and that His poeple could hold onto in times of trouble.  […]

The Key To Being Renewed – Upper Room


Over the years, our lives tend to collect the dirt and stains of life.  The vibrant colors of our youth diminish and become more monotone shades, until we are no longer shining examples that reflect our trust in God.  But, like Simon Peter, God meets us where we are, and helps us clean away the dimmed colors in our lives.  So, […]

God Fights for You – Upper Room


Today we look at how God fights for us in the context of the story of Jacob.  Biblical history shows us in great detail that Jacob was NOT a great guy.  As a schemer and deceiver, Jacob saw what he wanted and always found a way to get it.  Even so, God not only fought with Jacob, He gave […]

The First Question Ever Asked – Upper Room


When looking at the story of Cain and Abel, the brothers in the book of Genesis, who gave sacrifices to God, the word that we considered today is ‘Envy.’  It was envy that drove Cain to murder Abel.  Envy, which comes from a feeling of discontent, is an emotion that causes a great deal of strife […]

Chasing the Light – Upper Room

Epiphany (Star) Sunday is a celebration of the light shining through the star that guided the wise men to the Christ child.  This Sunday is a celebration of the light, and of God’s grace in the world.  This is the light that we need to hold on to.  It’s not ONLY a light to guide the […]

Christmas Stories: Defiant Joy – Upper Room


As we celebrate Christmas Eve, our ‘Christmas Stories’ series looks at ‘Defiant Joy.’ Defiant Joy is not referring to the joy that we expect if we get every little Christmas detail just right — finding just the right gift, or wrapping our presents early, or taking the perfect photo for our Christmas cards. Defiant Joy is the joy […]