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United for a Purpose — Upper Room

Today, our message was given by Dr. Rev. Davidson Chifungo, Director of Veritas College in Malawi, Africa.  Dr. Chifungo was in Plymouth as part of his trip to attend the Malawi Mission Network Conference in Texas.  We were privileged to hear him speak on the topic of ‘Unity in Christ.’ Dr. Chifungo began his message by sharing with […]

Heroes of the Bible: Job — Upper Room


Today we look at Job during our sermon series, ‘Heroes of the Bible.’  Everyone has, at some time in their lives or other, identified with Job and the many unrelenting and terrible events that happened to him.  Perhaps we are going through a time when we have lost our job, or someone falls seriously ill, […]

Heroes of the Bible: Nathan — Upper Room

As we start to wrap up our summer sermon series, “Heroes of the Bible,” we welcome Rev. Rick Peters to speak on his favorite hero, the prophet Nathan.  Since Nathan isn’t one of the more well-known individuals in the Bible, he can be described as the person who held King David accountable for his actions as they pertained to Bathsheba […]

Heroes of the Bible: Moses — Upper Room


In our third part of the summer sermon series, Heroes of the Bible, we take a look at Moses.  The story of Moses covers a lot of ground, from the baby in the bullrushes, to the conversation with God through a burning bush, to the crossing of the Red Sea, and much, much more.  But a story that was […]

Heroes of the Bible: Jacob — Upper Room


In part 2 of our Heroes of the Bible summer sermon series, we’re looking at Jacob, the founding father of the 12 tribes of Israel.  Jacob was a tricky guy.  Everyone knows a Jacob.  He’s the slick guy who always has to be the best: best car, best job, best angle, best everything.  And watch out, if […]

Heroes of the Bible: Noah — Upper Room


We’re starting our new summer sermon series, Heroes of the Bible, with a look at Noah.  Noah and the Ark is probably one of the first stories we learn about in Sunday School.  It’s a story of faith, trust and hope.  It’s a universal story about how God looks out over the world, and decides that […]

Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness — Upper Room


There couldn’t be a better way to close our sermon series on the Fruit of the Spirit than by focusing on Goodness, and doing that through the lens of the 2018 Mission Trip to the Colina de Luz Orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico.  At Colina, not only do the children and staff live out the concept of goodness […]

Fruit of the Spirit: Peace — Upper Room

As we recognize fathers on Father’s Day, Rev. Dr. Keith Provost joined us with a special look at a very important man – Joseph, the earthly father who was chosen to nurture Jesus as he grew up.  While Joseph gets overlooked and undervalued by most people as they study the life of Jesus, we can […]

Fruit of the Spirit: Gentleness — Upper Room

As we near the end of our series on the Fruit of the Spirit, today, we look at Gentleness, the act of being considerate or kindly in disposition, amiable and tender, towards others.  The lack of gentleness in society has been around longer than we might recognize.  In fact, it was written about by an […]

Fruit of the Spirit: Self Control — Upper Room


As we continue our sermon series on the Fruit of the Spirit, we look at Self Control.  Having Self Control is having the ability to resist the things of the world, like donuts, or marshmallows, or records.  When we listen to God’s word for guidance, and we use our self control to avoid the worldly […]