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The Parables of Jesus: The Mustard Seed and the Yeast — Upper Room

This Sunday’s parables have to do with a small thing making a big difference – in the parables, this is a mustard seed and yeast.  In relation to the 2017-18 Confirmation Class, who led the Upper Room service as the conclusion to their winter retreat at the Howell Nature Center, it was the small things that […]

Epiphany Sunday: Star Search – Upper Room


“This wasn’t what I was expecting.” This is likely how the Magi felt when they arrived at the stable – the place the star had led them.  They probably were expecting to meet a king or a mighty leader, or be led to a palace or a place of great importance and opulence.  Instead, they […]

Advent: Herod — Upper Room

During the early years of Jesus’ life, Herod was the appointed king of the Jewish people.  King Herod was a determined, evil ruler, very self-centered and self-focused.  He did whatever was necessary to make sure he got what he wanted, and no one got in his way, especially not a small baby, without suffering the […]

Advent: Mary & Joseph — Upper Room


Interruptions.  That’s the story of our lives today.  It was also, interestingly enough, the story of Mary and Joseph’s lives as well.  Mary and Joseph were planning for the perfect future together, starting with the perfect courtship, the perfect wedding, and the perfect future.  Then, the angel Gabriel paid them each a visit.  And suddenly, […]

Advent: Elizabeth & Zechariah — Upper Room


We start the Advent season with the story of Elizabeth and Zechariah – the parents of John the Baptist.  Rev. Schaefer asked the question, “What’s in a name?”  Names in the biblical times had a lot of power.  Zechariah’s name meant ‘God Remembers.’  Elizabeth’s name meant ‘God is my Oath.’  And had they followed tradition, […]

Christ our King — Upper Room


Christ the King Sunday is a day that comes periodically, but not regularly, in the Christian calendar.  It is the Sunday that occasionally falls between Thanksgiving and the 1st Sunday in Advent, so we only celebrate it once in awhile, but it’s intention is to focus on the King of Love, our Shepherd.  Rev. Campbell […]