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Falling Into the Psalms: Psalm 27 – Upper Room


Today, we started a new series for the fall entitled ‘Falling Into the Psalms.  Our first look was at chapter Psalm 27 – ‘The LORD is my light, and my salvation–whom shall I fear?  The LORD is the stronghold of my life–of whom shall I be afraid?’  Darkness is actually the absence of light.  It’s barren and […]

Soldier, Athlete, Farmer – Upper Room


As we celebrate Labor Day, we look at how the biblical concept from Genesis of the Sabbath as a day of rest coincides with Paul’s letter to Timothy encouraging him to work hard and live up to the examples of the soldier, the athlete and the farmer.  These three types of people can be held […]

Teaching Discipleship: Paul — Upper Room


As we close our series, ‘Teaching Discipleship,’ we will end with one question – What choices will you make in your own life when it comes to your faith?  Rev. Schaefer shared with us a comparison of the story of Lot’s wife, who looked back at the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah against God’s instruction, […]

Teaching Discipleship: Stephen – Upper Room


As we continue our Teaching Discipleship sermon series, we looked this week at Stephen, the first Deacon and the first martyr for the Christian faith.  Stephen was an example of someone who didn’t take the easy way out.  He stood up for his faith, fervently and to the end.  He didn’t turn away Christ and […]

Teaching Discipleship: All the Rest — Upper Room


As we start to wrap up our discussion on Teaching Discipleship with the last of the 12 Disciples – James the Less, Simon the Zealot and Thaddeus or Jude – we took a few minutes to look at the overall role of these 12 men.  They were chosen by Jesus to be his disciples, or […]

Teaching Discipleship: Judas & Matthias — Upper Room


As we return to our sermon series on the Discipleship (following the VBS break), we take a look at a very difficult disciple – Judas Iscariot – and his replacement, Matthias.  Judas is maybe the best known of the disciples for the worst possible reason – he was the tool used by the Jewish religious leaders […]

Created by God… Built for a Purpose — Upper Room


This week, during VBS, we learned that we are created by God, and we are built for a purpose.  We learned that God created each of us for special reasons.  We’ve each been given special gifts – gifts to guide us toward our life purpose, gifts that are blessed and ordained by God.  If we […]

Teaching Discipleship: Thomas — Upper Room


As we honored Anniversary Sunday, welcomed New Members and conducted Communion, we also continued with our sermon series of Teaching Discipleship by looking at the Apostle Thomas.  Thomas was widely known as Doubting Thomas for his refusal to acknowledge the return of Jesus after his crucifixion before he, himself, personally witnessed the wounds from the cross in […]

Teaching Discipleship: Nathanael/Bartholomew & Philip – Upper Room


The next installment of our ‘Teaching Discipleship’ series focuses on the apostles Nathanael (also known as Bartholomew) and Philip. Nathanael and Philip were friends.  Philip was a very enthusiastic guy; Jesus invited him to join his followers, and in his excitement, he ran to his friend, Nathanael, and brought him to meet Jesus as well. […]

Teaching Discipleship: Matthew – Upper Room

The next installment of our ‘Teaching Discipleship’ series focuses on the apostle Matthew.  Matthew was a despicable, vile, undisciplined scoundrel with a deep, deep hunger and desire to know God.  He was the worst sort of person – a tax collector with the ability and authority to create taxes wherever and whenever he wanted to. […]