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God’s Gifts: Patience – Upper Room

This week we are looking at Patience, one of God’s Gifts.  People have many opportunities to exercise patience–waiting for trains or long lines, waiting for time to pass, waiting for events to occur.  These are things that cause us stress, and those stresses can build up and boil over when they become overwhelming, so they are definitely good places to […]

God’s Gifts: Kindness – Upper Room


We are continuing to look at God’s Gifts this week as we look at the concept of Kindness – what it is, and how it we show it to others.  We know we are called to be kind to one another, as children of God.  But what does this mean?  Rev. Campbell explores this concept with us.  […]

God’s Gifts: Peace & Quiet – Upper Room


God offers us many gifts, and we will be looking at these over the next several weeks.  This week we are looking at the gift of Peace and Quiet.  In today’s world of chaos, natural disasters and world violence, it isn’t hard to be anxious and unsettled, even afraid, of all that we see and hear in […]

Too Close for Comfort – Upper Room


Guest speaker Jenny Saperstein shared with us a new look at the story of the Good Samaritan.  She discussed how we keep others at a distance.  Society today suggests that people should not get too close to neighbors, to strangers, even to friends.  And if the Samaritan traveling on the road between Jerusalem and Jericho […]

Thy Will – Upper Room


Today we welcomed Ruth Azar, Founder and Director of the Second Mile Center in Detroit.  She brought with her seven of the young people impacted by the Center to sign the lyrics to the song “Thy Will” in American Sign Language in response to the sermon.  To see their beautiful performance, please watch the video […]

Running on Empty? – Upper Room

Are you running on empty?  These days, we work hard and push ourselves to meet so many demands that we often don’t give ourselves time to refill our physical or spiritual gas tanks.  And what happens?  We physically and emotionally run out of gas.  We no longer have the energy, the desire, and even the actual ability […]

The Power of Words – Upper Room


Words are very powerful. A single comment can make a profound difference in the lives of people, either in a positive or a negative way. Words can be used to build people up or tear them down.  However, like with the words of Jesus, we can use our words to express empathy (walking another people’s shoes), to express […]

Hope in the Dark – Upper Room

As we conclude our sermon series on Hope with “Hope in the Dark,” we look at the fact that hope is a gift from God, and that gift is based on prayer.  Sometimes we go through life asking for answers to prayers, but we don’t, in fact, really expect anything in response.  We just ask […]

True Hope, Not Hype – Upper Room

Many things are excessively hyped today — movies, storms, sports events, sales…  The hype often affects our actions in response to do something — act/participate/watch/fear… But in truth, most things do not live up to their hype, and we feel let down.  Then there are the things that do NOT get excessively hyped, but rather are […]

Unshakable Hope – Upper Room

The first in our series of three sermons on the topic of hope addresses the idea of Unshakable Hope.  That is, the hope that is based on the promises God made in the Bible.  What does it mean to build your life on the promises of God?  We see throughout the Bible that God made […]