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True Hope, Not Hype – Upper Room

Many things are excessively hyped today — movies, storms, sports events, sales…  The hype often affects our actions in response to do something — act/participate/watch/fear… But in truth, most things do not live up to their hype, and we feel let down.  Then there are the things that do NOT get excessively hyped, but rather are […]

Unshakable Hope – Upper Room

The first in our series of three sermons on the topic of hope addresses the idea of Unshakable Hope.  That is, the hope that is based on the promises God made in the Bible.  What does it mean to build your life on the promises of God?  We see throughout the Bible that God made […]

A Very Good Storm – Upper Room


We had a special guest minister today, the Rev. Jim Faile.  Water plays a big part in our lives, and it played an important part in biblical stories as well, from Creation to Noah, from Moses to Jesus.  There are stories of oceans and rivers, of deliverance to baptism.  When we look at the story of […]

Our Father Knows Best – Upper Room

As we honor our earthly fathers today, we also look at how to please our heavenly Father.  Many falsely believe that there is only one right thing we should do with our lives that will please God, and this often causes us to refrain from acting out of fear that we will get it wrong.  […]

God’s Gift to You – Upper Room

Today we celebrate Pentecost – the birthday of the church.  You know the famous story of the flames descending from heaven, and the faithful speaking in tongues.  This story took place 50 days after Jesus ascended into heaven, and marked a significant turning point in the history of the church.  But it still holds a unique relevance for […]

God’s Intertwining Story – Upper Room


In the Sanctuary, we recognized our graduates on Baccalaureate Sunday.  In the Upper Room, Josh Imboden, Youth Director, shared the same message, which is appropriate for all of us, on the importance of choosing to be part of ‘God’s Intertwining Story.’ Josh pointed out that each of our lives tell a story, one that intertwines and interacts […]

Life Lessons: Lessons from Proverbs – Upper Room

During today’s service, we honored mothers on Mother’s Day as we looked at the book of Proverbs. Rev. Campbell shared some specific lessons we can all learn from the book of Proverbs – one of the 3 wisdom books (Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Job). Several of today’s focused readings from Proverbs include advice on how to deal with […]