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Alpha: How Can I Have Faith? – Sanctuary


As we begin our  fourth week of the Alpha sermon series, we are examining the question: ‘How can I have faith?’ Faith is a simple concept, and at the same time, it can be a huge challenge to discuss. But when all is said and done, we realize that, at it’s simplest, faith is a journey.  On this journey, sometimes […]

Alpha: Why Did Jesus Die? — Sanctuary


As we move into our  third week of the Alpha sermon series, we are examining the question: ‘Why did Jesus die?’ This is a question that has haunted Christians for centuries.  We know that God, who created us, is holy, loving and just, but the world is full of terrible sin and evil.  In fact, we all sin, in […]

Alpha: Who is Jesus? — Sanctuary


As we dig deeper into our fall sermon series, based on the Alpha program, today we look at Who is Jesus?  Jesus Christ has impacted more lives than any other human in history.  As a result of his life, there are 2.2 billion Christians in the world today.  In fact, Jesus is the answer to 300+ […]

Alpha: Is There More To Life Than This? — Sanctuary


We are beginning our fall sermon series, based on the Alpha program ongoing through several of our Bible studies through early December.  The first and introductory study looks at the question: Is there more to life than this?  Rev. Schaefer pointed out that many people are looking for more, yet experience a sense of emptiness no matter […]

Catching Your Breath — Sanctuary


As we approach the busy-ness of fall — the return of school and sporting events, meetings and committees — Rev. Schaefer posed the question: How did we get so far away from the idea of Sabbath?  In this complicated world, we are inundated with the impression that we must keep working, keep moving, we can’t take time […]

Camp Barnabas Mission Sunday — 9:00am


When you adopt a serving attitude, it isn’t aways easy or automatic.  The students who went to serve at Camp Barnabas, a week-long camp  in Missouri for kids with disabilities, learned this during their time there.  Some served directly with a camper, some helped in other ways, but all grew through their service, and each […]

Stop Complaining & Start Living — Sanctuary

This week, we’re looking at the fear of change.  Rev. Campbell looked at the fear we have of living our lives by comparing the agendas of the pharisees and the synagogue leaders, who were threatened by Jesus and his ministry, with that of Jesus himself.  The religious leaders of the time feared the loss of their power, […]

Looking Up – Sanctuary

Where do we go when we’re desperate?  When there’s no where else to turn?  Psalm 61:2 offers us this prayer: “Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.”  God is where we should look for help.  This Psalm urges us to get out of the water, get up on something that will keep us above […]

Unity in Christ — Sanctuary


Today, our message was given by Rev. Vasco Kachipapa from Nkoma Synod, Malawi, Africa.  Rev. Kachipapa was in Plymouth as part of his trip to attend the Malawi Mission Network Conference in Texas.  We were privileged to hear him speak on the topic of ‘Unity in Christ.’ Rev. Kachipapa shared with us that, as Christians, […]

Heroes of the Bible: Job — Sanctuary


Today we look at Job during our sermon series, ‘Heroes of the Bible.’  Everyone has, at some time in their lives or other, identified with Job and the many unrelenting and terrible events that happened to him.  Perhaps we are going through a time when we have lost our job, or someone falls seriously ill, […]