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Teaching Discipleship: Matthew – Sanctuary

The next installment of our ‘Teaching Discipleship’ series focuses on the apostle Matthew.  Matthew was a despicable, vile, undisciplined scoundrel with a deep, deep hunger and desire to know God.  He was the worst sort of person – a tax collector with the ability and authority to create taxes wherever and whenever he wanted to. […]

Teaching Discipleship: James & John — Sanctuary


This week as we look at ‘Teaching Discipleship’ through the lives of the disciples, we focused on James and John, known as the Sons of Thunder.  These were two brothers, both fishermen, who were called to follow Jesus based on pure, authentic, perfect faith.  They were called from their father’s boat as they fished in […]

Teaching Discipleship: Peter — Sanctuary


The second installment of our summer sermon series, Teaching Discipleship, focused on the impetuous disciple, Simon/Peter. Peter, named the Rock by Jesus for his foundational role in the spreading of the Word after Pentecost.  Rev. Cochran explained how Peter, above all of the other disciples, could be a great inspiration for those of us who see ourselves as perhaps disciples […]

Teaching Discipleship: Andrew — Sanctuary

We’re starting a new summer sermon series entitled ‘Teaching Discipleship,’ that will focus on the disciples who followed Jesus.  We begin with the first disciple who responded to Jesus – Andrew.  Andrew was the type of person who consistently brought others to Jesus, beginning with his brother, Peter.  He was the one who always seemed […]

Sanctuary: I Have Soup


Baccalaureate Sunday, Pentecost and Communion Pentecost was originally one of the major Jewish holidays.  It was a celebration of God’s bounty – a feast celebrating the harvest’s first fruits.  In reality, it was a celebration of God’s faithfulness, even when the Jews had lost their own faith and turned away from Him.  The Holy Spirit […]

Followers of Christ: Saints – Sanctuary

As we end our sermon series on the ‘Followers of Christ,’ we take one final look at those who put Christ at the center of their lives – the Saints.  Rev. Campbell looks with us at what it means to be a Saint of God.  Today’s world is a scary one – bombings, murders, violence […]

Choir Favorites Concert Service – Sanctuary

Today, the Chancel Choir presented a selection of their favorite anthems from the 2016-17 choral year.  Many thanks to choral director Dr. Jerry Smith, organist Sue Scott, accompanist Sharon Smith, guest soloist Debbie Hart, percussionist John Monks and the entire FPCP Chancel Choir for a beautiful morning of music and memories. Musical Selections (in order […]

The Followers of Christ: God Lives in Us – Sanctuary


As we celebrate Mother’s Day and Confirmation Sunday, we look at the followers of Christ know as Children of God.  This is the time of the year when families gather, and we often hear, ‘you look just like your mother (or father.)’ Sometimes people might wonder where Jesus got his qualities.  And in fact, he […]