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The Miracles of Jesus: Feeding the 5,000 – Sanctuary

This Sunday, we look at the only miracle to appear in all four gospels – the miracle of Jesus feeding the 5,000.  It is interesting that it begins with Jesus pressing his disciples to come up with a solution to feeding 5,000+ people.  The solution, 5 small, dinner-roll-sized loaves and 2 small sardine-sized fish, wasn’t a […]

The Miracles of Jesus: Jesus Heals the Official’s Son – Sanctuary


As we look at ‘Signs and Miracles‘ — the second of Jesus’ miracles as shown in the book of John, we look at the first of three healing miracles.  Even today, people hearing about the miracles are skeptical.  People don’t really believe in miracles.  Even this father, a high official, went to Jesus out of […]

The Miracles of Jesus: Water into Wine — Sanctuary


We are starting a new Lenten sermon series on the miracles of Jesus.  This first installment, Water into Wine, coincides with our annual Community Ash Wednesday Service that we share with the First United Methodist Church of Plymouth.  On this night, Rev. Linda Cochran shared with us that the Apostle John uses this first miracle to […]

The Parables of Jesus: The Parable of the Weeds — Sanctuary


Our final look at the parables focuses on the Parable of the Weeds, perhaps better known as the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares. Rev. Schaefer talked about “Getting Rid of the Weeds” in our lives.  This parable speaks not only of ridding the farmer’s crops of bad weeds, but also of clearing the personal weeds from […]