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17th Annual Chancel Choir Gospel Concert


Today, the FPCP Chancel Choir, along with the Fifth Season Ensemble, and soloists Carole Moon and David Vinson, presented the 17th Annual Gospel Choir concert.  For the list of the music included in today’s concert, click on Gospel Concert Bulletin link.

Serving Out of Strength – Sanctuary

Today’s message, “Serving Out of Strength,” comes from the Parable of the Talents, as told in Matthew 25:14-30.  The story is about 3 servants who were given different amounts of money by their master.  Two of them used the money to double the investment, which pleased their master, while one of them, afraid of the […]

Service of Installation for Rev. Emily Riley Campbell

On this day of celebration, representatives of the Detroit Presbytery, clergy and First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth members and friends gathered together for the Installation Service of FPCP’s new Senior Minister, Rev. Emily Riley Campbell. Congratulations to Rev. Campbell as she takes on a new role in the life of First Pres. Plymouth. Links available (above) on this […]

Talents in Action – Sanctuary


As we continue looking at topics based on the book “Living Your Strengths” we focus on our talents in action.  People today have the opportunity to learn the stories of faith from scripture.  These stories, particularly the story of Moses, show just that everyone of us have a choice on what we will focus on […]

The Gifts You Carry – Sanctuary


This Sunday begins our  sermon series that pairs up with our Bible studies on Living Your Strengths.  We’re starting by identifying the gifts we already carry, and acknowledging that our lives were designed by God for a purpose.  To find that purpose, we must first identify our own talents are.  From there, we can determine how to use the gifts to the glory […]

God’s Gifts: Patience – Sanctuary


This week we are looking at Patience, one of God’s Gifts.  People have many opportunities to exercise patience–waiting for trains or long lines, waiting for time to pass, waiting for events to occur.  These are things that cause us stress, and those stresses can build up and boil over when they become overwhelming, so they are definitely good places to […]

God’s Gifts: Kindness – Sanctuary


We are continuing to look at God’s Gifts this week as we look at the concept of Kindness – what it is, and how it we show it to others.  We know we are called to be kind to one another, as children of God.  But what does this mean?  Rev. Campbell explores this concept with us.  […]

God’s Gifts: Peace & Quiet – Sanctuary


God offers us many gifts, and we will be looking at these over the next several weeks.  This week we are looking at the gift of Peace and Quiet.  In today’s world of chaos, natural disasters and world violence, it isn’t hard to be anxious and unsettled, even afraid, of all that we see and hear in […]

Summer Celebration Sunday – God’s Gifts

As summer draws to a close, the church celebrated with a Summer Celebration Sunday.  We held a single service at 10:00am, followed by an all-church picnic.  In keeping with the celebration, the children from VBS joined us to lead two songs, and we heard from two of the teens who went to Hume Camp this […]

Too Close for Comfort – Sanctuary


Guest speaker Jenny Saperstein shared with us a new look at the story of the Good Samaritan.  She discussed how we keep others at a distance.  Society today suggests that people should not get too close to neighbors, to strangers, even to friends.  And if the Samaritan traveling on the road between Jerusalem and Jericho […]