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The Faces of Jesus: Faithful Jesus – Sanctuary


As Jesus lived through the last week before his crucifixion, he went to the Temple every single day.  He went where his people to were that week, to bring God’s love to all of them, and today, to all of US.  He was facing making the ultimate sacrifice for them, and for us – he […]

The Faces of Jesus: Fasting Jesus – Sanctuary


Due to a brief power outage during the 9:00am service, we were unable to capture video of today’s  service, however we hope you will listen to the available audio recording of today’s bible verses and sermon.  Please note that the Old Testament Scripture lesson is missing the last couple of verses.  We hope the video recording […]

The Faces of Jesus: Healer Jesus – Sanctuary


Due to (hopefully temporary) technical issues, the full video of today’s service is not available.  Please check back – if we are able to do so, the video will be posted at a later date.  Until then, please listen to the audio recording of today’s Message. As we continue with our series ‘The Faces of […]

The Faces of Jesus: Compassionate – Sanctuary


On the third Sunday in Lent, we looked at Compassionate Jesus – one of the many faces of Jesus.  Rev. Cochran looked at compassion through the eyes of the story of the Samaritan Woman at the Well.  As we see in this story, life has a way of becoming painful and messy, sometimes through no fault […]

The Faces of Jesus: Loving Jesus – Sanctuary


In our second message in the Lenten series, ‘The Faces of Jesus,’ we look at the Loving Jesus.  Rev. Campbell discussed how God loves us patiently in our healing when we are in pain.  God’s love is strong in the face of our weakness.  God’s love carries us even when we cannot move forward ourselves. […]

The Faces of Jesus: Tempted – Sanctuary


Today, we look at the first topic in the series of ‘The Faces of Jesus’ – Tempted.  Today’s topic is based on the story of the 3 temptations of Jesus following his baptism and the 40 days spent fasting in the wilderness in preparation for the start of his earthly ministry. We are all tempted […]

On the Mountain Top – Sanctuary


As we recognized Transfiguration Sunday, Rev. Schaefer took us on a trip to the mountain top.  As a people, we tend to seek out  truth and  life, love and joy, from something other than where we can really find it.  And these sources may not really be useful to us.  So where should we look […]

The Gifts of God: Praise – Sanctuary


As we reach the end of our series on The Gifts of God, we look at the gift of Praise.  Every Christian, even the Frozen Chosen, are called on to praise God.  Our ability to praise God shouldn’t be based on the weather report – it’s easy to praise God when it’s 65 degrees and […]

The Gifts of God: Patience – Just Chill — Sanctuary


As we look at patience as a gift of God, we do so through the words of the prophet Jeremiah, who gave instruction to God’s people to live in the moment as they waited patiently for the return of the Messiah.  Granted, they didn’t know that they’d be waiting for another 70 years.  After all, […]