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Falling Into the Psalms: Psalm 86 – Sanctuary


Today we continued with our theme of ‘Falling Into the Psalms’ with a look at Psalm 86.  This psalm, as were many of the Psalms, was written by David.  It recognizes that while we are all different and lonely, we can all come together in the presence of God.  Even David was lonely, for years […]

Falling Into the Psalms: Psalm 78 – Sanctuary


As we recognized Reformation Sunday and the 500th Anniversary of the day that Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the church, we focus on Psalm 78 – a psalm of remembrance.  We often learn about God through stories and parables.  It the way we teach about God and the things He’s […]

Falling Into the Psalms: Psalm 107 — Sanctuary


Today we’re looking at Psalm 107, the psalms of deliverance.  The burning question that Rev. Schaefer asked us to begin this message was: How do you capture an octopus?  You might wonder what this has to do with Psalm 107…  Well, life can be very much like capturing an octopus.  We often go along, thinking […]

Fall Gospel Concert — Sanctuary

The Chancel Choir and guest artists present their fall Gospel concert.  The service includes the following selections: CHANCEL CHOIR: “Every Time I Feel the Spirit” “Take My Hand”  FIFTH SEASON ENSEMBLE: “Go Down Moses” Soloist: Carole Moon “If Heaven Never Was Promised to Me”  OFFERTORY: “We Will See Him As He Is” Soloist: Kimberly Swan MEN’S QUARTET: “Poor Man […]

Falling into the Psalms: Psalm 13 & 22 — Sanctuary


Today we continue into our fourth week of our “Falling Into the Psalms” series, as we look at Psalms 22 and 13, two songs of lament.  During the time these psalms were written, there were, as now, terrible things happening in the world.  The cry of the author of these psalms was a desperate one, asking… pleading to […]

Falling into the Psalms: Psalm 23 — Sanctuary


Continuing into our third week of our “Falling Into the Psalms” series, we are looking at Psalm 23, a song of comfort and encouragement.  Usually heard at funerals, it is also a powerful message to many people in their ‘green pasture’ times, as well as those ‘dark valley’ times.  It is the one psalm that […]

Falling Into the Psalms: Psalm 8 — Sanctuary


Continuing on with our “Falling Into the Psalms” series, we are looking at Psalm 8, written by King David to praise God for the majesty and glory of God and His works.  Rev. Campbell reminded us that, just by looking up at the moon and the stars, or looking around at the changing fall colors, we […]

Falling Into the Psalms: Psalm 27 – Sanctuary


Today, we started a new series for the fall entitled ‘Falling Into the Psalms.  Our first look was at chapter Psalm 27 – ‘The LORD is my light, and my salvation–whom shall I fear?  The LORD is the stronghold of my life–of whom shall I be afraid?’  This psalm, written by King David as he is facing […]