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Chancel Choir Favorite Anthems – Sanctuary


Join us in the joyful celebration of the past choir year as the Chancel Choir presents their favorite anthems of 2018-19.  Also included in this service is the PNC Candidate presentation. Rev. Emily Campbell has been nominated as our next Sr. Minister, pending congregational approval on Sunday, May 26th (following the 9:30am service) and Presbytery of Detroit’s approval in […]

Life Lessons: Lessons from Proverbs – Sanctuary

During today’s service, we not only honored mothers on Mother’s Day, we also welcomed our 2018-19 Confirmation Class to membership in the church.  As part of this service, Rev. Campbell also shared some specific lessons we can all learn from the book of Proverbs – one of the 3 wisdom books (Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Job). […]

Life Lessons from Ecclesiastes: Make It Count

Our new May sermon series of ‘Life Lessons from…’ focuses first on the book of Ecclesiastes.  It’s not the most uplifting of books, since it goes on and on about how everything is meaningless.  But if you dig in a little deeper, you discover that there is a very profound reason for this book.  Ecclesiastes is […]

Good Friday Tenebrae Service – Sanctuary

The service of Tenebrae (the name means ‘darkness’ or ‘shadows’) is a Holy week devotion which traces its root back to the seventh century.  It is characterized by the gradual darkening of the Sanctuary as candles are extinguished throughout the service.  Every world spoken in the service is found in the Scriptures. The service is […]

Reflections on Grace: Saved by Grace – Sanctuary

How do we go about dealing with the darkness of this world?  We looked at this question today in our Palm Sunday installment of the Reflections on Grace series entitled “Saved by Grace.”  It isn’t, sadly, though more fully improving our humanity that we can expect to change the world.  In today’s dark social environment, we […]

Reflections on Grace: Puzzled by Grace – Sanctuary


This Sunday, Rev. Rick Peters asked us the burning question, “Is life fair?”  Of course, as we all know, the answer to that question is a resounding NO!  Time, experience, and life teaches us all that life may be many things, but ‘fair’ isn’t one of them.  The parable of the workers in the vineyard is the […]

Reflections on Grace: Common Grace – Sanctuary

Common grace is a little-discussed concept that most of us are unfamiliar with.  Common grace is the foundational idea that grace is granted to EVERY person, regardless of race, religion, nationality or circumstances of life.  Grace is a gift bestowed upon every single person – we are ALL created in the image of God, and as such, each […]