We’ve all done it… We begin something new.  We’re really excited – we’re all in!  Then, little by little, day by day, we set it aside.  Eventually, the new thing begins gathering dust, and before we know it, we are on to the next new thing.  But the victory of sticking with something only goes to those who persist at what they’re seeking.  If we let our dreams go, these things can haunt us.  But, those who persist with their dreams can change the world!  Jesus’ parable speaks to all of us.  It speaks to us of persistence, of keeping at the things that are important, of pursuing the things that we are seeking.  But these things aren’t just given to us; we need to keep seeking, keep knocking and keep looking for the answer.  God’s answer will come in the right time.  Maybe it will be a different answer than the one you’re looking for, but it will be God’s answer to the question.

Based on Luke 11:5-13.