As we close our series on the parables of Jesus, we look at our final parable – the Parable of the Weeds.  Pastor Emily talked about the weeds that can spring up “While You Were Sleeping.”  Our lives today are changing at an incredible rate of speed.  Industry, medicine, technology – all are racing ahead, while human morals lag WAY behind.  Why is this?  Because the weeds are, and have always been, a large part of our population.  The field that is sowed by Jesus is the whole world.  The followers of Christ and the children of the evil one exist together.  We cannot often tell which is which, and this conflict has gone on, and WILL CONTINUE to go on until the end of time.  The world is full of weeds and wheat, and this conflict is both external and internal for every single individual person.  We are all, at times, weeds and wheat.  This internal struggle must be faced and fought every day.  The word of God corrects us, and though this, we can continue to conquer the weeds in our lives, encouraging the good wheat to grow.

Based on Matthew 13:24-30 and 36-43.